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Thread: The WePad

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    The WePad

    No, no it is not a joke!

    If you are familiar with British English, you might think it is.

    I first saw it on OBOW blog here

    I then checked Utube

    That tablet is real, not vaporware and works with Linux and Android.

    It is a bit bigger than the IPad and cheaper in Euro.

    I think it is only available in Germany but why oh why would they publish a lengthy documentation in English if not for the worldwide market?

    Are the netbooks bags going to fit that cool toy with a really funny name?

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    I think new devices such as these have to pass FCC certification like cell phones. Maybe that is the delay.

    Then we have on the horizon: a MeeGo device from Nokia, the HP Slate, Dell's Streak, Lenovo's IdeaPad s10-3, and Microsoft's two-screened Courier concept.

    My Dell mini-9 is my main device now. Runs Office and is my EBook reader. Plus with my Seagate Black Armor NAS 220(1T raid 1), I have internet access to my private data share. Allows me to sync data anywhere/anytime I have an internet connection to the 320 gig Passport drive for use by the mini-9.

    Mini-9 with the Vertical cache fits in my medium and large cafe bag. Bag selection is based on what I need to carry at the time.

    As for an appropriate bag for these new devices, Tom had appropriate bags for purchase fairly quickly. The new devices may fit in the iPad/Netbook Ristretto. If not, then the regular size may work. Same for the cache.
    Usually the specifications are published ahead of availability, which gives time to offer a bag that fits.
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    That would have been a good name for the TB diaper changing pad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bltkmt View Post
    That would have been a good name for the TB diaper changing pad.
    Too funny! I would have been a GREAT name!!
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