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    Smile Pistachio Larabars in Puget Sound

    Pistachio Larabars have been discontinued, but Super Supplements seems to have them by the box in many of their stores. Only .74 a bar. I was a good girl, I left you all some...

    If you really want some, to get the numbers, call the stores and see if you've been beaten to them yet...... good hunting!

    As an aside, most of the Targets in the area seem to carry the minibar assortment box for $9.99 (12 half bars in three flavors). Might be nationwide. They're stocked in the Pharmacy area with the other meal replacement bars. The only other place I've seen the minibar box was Whole Foods, and they cost more there.

    (Just call me the Larabar addict enabler)
    Last edited by aiethabell; 07-20-2010 at 07:23 PM. Reason: price by BAR, not BOX!
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