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    Exclamation I have a cause for you.

    Help save this endangered rare creature. The matter is urgent.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

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    I live a little South of Edinburgh in Scotland's border hills

    I read, with interest, your treaties on octopodes (I gather, that is the correct plural), and was alarmed to hear of their plight. However, on reading the appended list of other endangered species, I was alarmed to see that whilst one's attention is drawn to the Mountain Walrus, who appear to be under threat, and the sadly never seen Rock Nest Monster, you have omitted the similarly named, though thankfully slightly more frequently spotted, Loch Ness Monster.

    Equally, the wild haggis, the great chieftain o' the puddin' race was conspicuous by its absence, just as it is from the Scottish Highlands these days.

    The great January Haggis shoots of the Victorian days, are long gone. In the latter part of the 19th Century, Victoria and Albert would lead great expeditions to hunt and shoot these delicacies. Enough would be garnered to offer the entire population, North of the border a plump beast for their Burn's Supper (a dinner of sonse faced haggis, heavily charred over a fire of incandescent, not to mention indecipherable, poetry books, held every January).

    Now, of course, we are, in the main forced to content ourselves with the 'cultured' haggis grown, as one might a cultured pearl, but in the stomach of a sheep, rather than the shell of an oyster and with fed a diet of rather more down to earth poetry. The result is larger and softer, but, some might say, no more edible.

    All is not completely lost as in recent years alternatives have been found. The young of the giant panda are very similar in taste and texture, and the Japanese have produced an excellent, whale based substitute.

    As you say, sir, action is required now. I shall be opening an appeal six weeks on Friday, when I suspect, your post may have been better timed. These things always ride well in that first day of the fourth month!

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    Sorry, but the top priority for me right now is to save the Nauga. We cannot save everything........

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    I'm still committed to saving the Jackalope:
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