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Thread: iTunes is Crap

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    Thumbs down iTunes is Crap

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    Well iTunes is OK for iPad/iPod/iPhone music. It can create a low bit rate copy in AAC format for the purpose. It can also allow you to convert music from WAV format for use on Apple machines. You can rip CDs in in MP3 format, or, as I do, in Apple Lossless. I keep a lossless copy of everything, and an Mp3 copy. So its not 'crap' and it is useful. However, its not perfect either. It can be a little inflexible and has irritating foibles. One that gets me is that, without making a playlist, there is no 'play next' function so as you are waiting for the current song to finish, ready to click on your next choice it jumps back to the track you've just been listening to. So why do I put up with it? It works with my iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMovie etc. and the short comings aren't that bad.

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