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    Recycling alkaline batteries and CFLs / florescent tubes

    Does anyone know where you are supposed to take alkaline batteries for recycling? How about florescent light bulbs (4-foot-long shop tubes and the newer "CFL" compact florescent lamps)? I have asked around repeatedly and nobody can give me an answer.
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    We just dropped off our florescent and CFL bulbs last night at Lowes when we picked up some new ones and some LED's. They didn't have a common receptacle. We had to ask the service person and they have a return at the counter.
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    My County website has information about specific recycling items, but you've maybe tried that already?

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    So glad you are taking the effort to recycle the batteries. Here is site where you can enter your zip code & the item, and see some locations. I have some printer cartridges to recycle, and this site told me that a Boy Scout troop collects them. Cool!

    Battery Recycling -

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    I believe IKEA will take batteries and bulbs of all sorts. I also drop off batteries at Office Depot, the Home Depot, and Best Buy.

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