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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnMan View Post
    FWIW, the bottom line for me remains (1: the direction of U.S.-China relations and its impact on our economy, and (2: the impact of our trade policies with other countries, especially Asia-Pacific Rim area.

    So long as we export jobs with abandon and don't have a serious discussion about it, issues like this will continue to crop up.

    I'll stop boring y'all now!

    The policy was started a long time ago and the push for some company to go "low prices disposable stuff" has cost us dearly not only job wise but environmentally wise.

    Long before it was popular, Darcy had a made in USA link in the "Who we are section" of Tom Bihn Inc page.

    I have used that link a lot, it felt great to see that somebody was sharing my views in the U.S.

    I have been asking about made in somewhere else items since the 90's much to the hilarity of just about everybody, I knew, even then, that it was not sustainable.

    Most things function like ecosystems. if they are not in balance they don't work.

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    Related to this, Forum on KQED this morning went out to a local high school (with students in the audience) to spend the entire program discussing the state of education in California. There are a lot of companies up here in the NorCal Bay Area that are screaming for workers but people just aren't qualified. It's hard to compete with countries like China and India when we can't produce adults who can fill the jobs. MORE MATH AND SCIENCE!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lani View Post
    There are a lot of companies up here in the NorCal Bay Area that are screaming for workers but people just aren't qualified.
    There are a lot of well-qualified laid-off workers (engineers, pharmaceutical chemists, IT workers, many others), but a shortage of employers who want to pay them good wages. This is a race to the bottom.

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    it's happening all over the developed world - we ship more and more well paying manufacturing jobs overseas... I wonder who will be left to buy those manufactured goods once the good jobs are gone
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