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    I need an Interpreter please? Funny and True.

    So I get this new cheapo Radio which attempts to be a copy of an established radio and it comes with a charger that says:

    "Note:Prevent Cooks Meals or is injured,only Battery assigns carry on the charge."
    on the sticker on the bottom.

    It goes on to say:
    "Bright trickling charge(battery stops using has been long)the chareto mistake"


    Why can't they grasp hiring English speaking designers?

    This one is maybe the best I have ever seen.

    Not to seem insensitive but,

    can be a hoot to peruse. I really like the "Brog"


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    Bad grammar in general is amusing. For quite some time there was a cafe or something by the ferry that said "Here are to go!". It made me chuckle every time I was waiting in line.
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    Easy! Do not cook the battery or eat it for dinner.

    If the charger doesn't work, get a new radio.

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    Ed, is this radio using Lithium-Ion batteries? Because that's the only situation I can think of in which trickle charging a battery (to the maximum possible voltage, beyond the value for which the "charged" light turns on — basically by leaving the battery connected to the charger for several more hours) can be dangerous. In that case I might try a translation like: "To prevent burns and injuries, only use the included battery to charge. It is a mistake to continue trickle charging the battery after the charged light appears."


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