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    How to photograph firebooks (via Beers & Beans)

    How I shoot: How to Photograph Fireworks


    3. The Self Timer Is Your BEST Friend.

    Because youíll be using a slow shutter speed to achieve beautiful light trails you need to keep in mind that any little motion felt by the camera is going to be recorded and ruin your image. Even with the aid of a tripod or other stable surface youíll need to help your camera along a little further to ensure complete stability. A lot of people donít know this but when you push the button to release the shutter you are causing a tiny amount of camera shake. Itís so minute that you may not realize it at the time but your camera most certainly will. The result will be photos that are always slightly blurry. Not to worry! There is a simple solution to this: YOUR SELF TIMER. Simply set the self timer on your camera and press the shutter. The delay of a few seconds will ensure that the shake from pressing the button with your hands is long gone when the camera works it magic. Alternately, if you have a remote trigger you can use that but the self timer is a free solution that already comes with your camera and will do the same thing. This little step is an important one so be sure to remember it when you head out for the evening.
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    Timely post. Thanks!

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