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    What tasks do you use your smart phone for?

    A few weeks ago a colleague challenged me on the value of smart phones. In their opinion a phone was for talking, all the gadgets on the smart phone were a waste. From this debate, I came to realize how many things I no longer (or rarely) carry because of the versatility of my smart phone. It left me wondering what things other folks use their smart phones for?

    During the debate I said I use my smart phone to replace all kinds of things and they said like what and I produced the following list:
    1. Account Tracking (Insurance, Bank etc)
    2. Address Book
    3. Alarm Clock
    4. Archive docs
    5. Barcode scanner
    6. Bible
    7. Calculator
    8. Calendar
    9. Camera
    10. Conversions (distance, volume, currency, temperature, etc)
    11. Crib Sheets
    12. Dictionary
    13. eBook Reader
    14. Email
    15. Exercise Tracker
    16. Flash Light
    17. Games (multiple)
    18. GPS
    19. Internet access
    20. Language Translation
    21. Level
    22. Map
    23. Mind Maps
    24. Movie Schedules
    25. MP3 Player
    26. Newspaper
    27. Note Taking
    28. Phone
    29. Photo Album
    30. Ruler
    31. Shopping
    32. Simple computing
    33. Stock Quotes
    34. Stop Watch
    35. Text
    36. Thesaurus
    37. Timer
    38. To Do Lists
    39. Videos
    40. Weather Forecast
    41. Weight Tracker
    42. WiFi signal analyzer

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    Haha! I just had a similar conversation with a good friend. She still didn't agree on their value, at least not until she needed to know today's NJ Transit holiday schedule, which I of course was able to look up for her :-)

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    #43 Humility. I use my smart phone to get my keester kicked at Scrabble by my best friend, who is a math whiz.

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    Whenever I'm in this discussion with a non-smartphone user, the first thing to do is to alter the initial premise. The device is not a phone that does other stuff. It's an ultra-portable, internet connected, computer that can also be used as a phone. Then the answer to your original question is: anything I would have only been able to do at my desk, or maybe the coffee shop if they have Wifi and I had the forethought to lug along a laptop. Plus those things that are uniquely mobile, like GPS tracking of cycling. Of course, if the other person doesn't use a computer then the discussion is doomed and is over before it gets started.

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    tiny rural town in the Piedmont of the Carolinas
    In addition to many of the above I have used mine for:

    44. Child edutainer
    45. Fiber Arts notebook
    46. Mobile patterns (PDF)
    47. Payment kiosk (receiving payment via square)
    48. Price checker
    49. Spell checker, I'm a horrible speller
    50. Mirror/Compact
    51. Cycling computer
    52. Chore Organizer/agenda
    53. Electronic gift card payment

    And I'm a relative newbie to smart phones. Now if It would just charge itself from the sun and with an internal generator from my movement it would be perfect.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    I like that your list is alphabetized ( well, 1-42). Me, I am trying to be less "connected". I have a dumbphone which I rarely use, but I do use my nook tablet and ipad2 daily. It is so tempting to spend hours and hours with my nose to the screen, just checking into whatever pops into my mind. Mostly, it is a big waste of time, like watching TV. It is a hard habit ( addiction) to break though.

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    It is numbered and alphabetical. Microsoft word sort function; I cannot take credit for thinking up the list alphabetically

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    I use a travel app called TripIt. I actually have several trips in the next 9 months for which I've started making plans, and TripIt lets me take airline receipt/itinerary info I get via email from the airlines, forward them via email to the app (I think I mail it to an address like "") so I don't have to worry about transposing ticket numbers or anything. Plus, you can email your itinerary to a friend who has TripIt on THEIR phone, and your itinerary will show up on their TripIt app! I'm going on a Disney cruise in February, and doing a bit of coordinating this way because I'm going with three other friends (and leaving hubby at home), and when we get back to Florida from the cruise, we're also running a Disney half-marathon... so there's all kinds of registration and itinerary info that we're keeping track of... and we're all doing it in TripIt.
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