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    Quote Originally Posted by lonestar6 View Post
    Nite Ize carabiner/bottle opener with a couple hair bands
    I like your style lonestar, I am a fan of multi-functional items. Attach the keys to the carabiner and that's another function!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev_Horton View Post
    I rotate my knives, usually. It's either that one, or the Spyderco Leafstorm (as seen in the product shots for some of the Bihn bags) OR the Spyderco CF Sage. (Hard to choose!)
    I know this thread's a bit cold, but I've just read it! Since I was a child, I always carried a knife. It would be appropriate to the task at hand... a small pocket folder day to day; a knife and spike or 'pusser's dirk' for sailing; a bowie knife for camping or hunting etc. etc. but now a days even a small pocket knife can land you in court or even jail here in Scotland. The position has become ridiculous! Now my knives stay at home. Even my smallest little one could get you arrested should you forget to remove it from your bag when going anywhere close to an airport.

    Mind you, I flew last week with a daisho (a pair of swords) and the airline couldn't have been more helpful. They had to go in a locked case and it the hold, but they even carried them free of charge... thank you!

    Oh, and the only thing in my pockets is an iPhone 5 in either an OtterBox Defender or a Sena Ultra Slim case, depending on my mood!
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    Well hey, let's keep it going. Clockwise, from the upper left: Saddleback card wallet with Victorinox Manager, Fenix LD01 and Fisher Space Pen; Cole Haan Wallet, iPhone with DodoCase BOOKback, Omega Pacific carabiner with car/house/roof rack keys and nail clipper.

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    A mild case of thread necromancy but I'll toss my typical carry in here.

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