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Thread: In my EDC bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonestar6 View Post
    Throw back a 5 hour energy; not only does your heart race but the niacin flush is exhilerating (sarcasm implied)
    Uh, I can't take 5-hour energy anymore. Not since I drank one and chased it with a Red Bull.

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    I posted this as a reply in another thread, but figured I'd stick it here too! I use a MCB as my EDC and love it. I regularly carry the following:

    Medium OP with random stuff like bandaids, hand sanitizer, folding brush, hair ties, neosporin, etc.
    Nook Color with Trident case
    Wallet OP
    Small OP with makeup
    several pens
    small moleskin notebook
    mini op with travel toothbrush and toothpaste
    point and shoot camera
    mini op with bluetooth and a couple thumb drives
    cell phone - Droid Razr Maxx in Trident case
    ziplock bag with lara bars and tea bags
    period kit in pen/pencil op (although I never knew to call it that!)

    And if needed, I can usually stuff my Arc notebook in there. I have the smaller one, I think it is 9x6 although mine is a solid 2+ inches thick. Most of the OPs and my keys are on key straps.

    With ALL of that in there, I usually have to take out the Arc notebook to get to anything else, but it all works. And now I'm looking at my list and seriously can't believe I fit all of that in there, but I literally just pulled all of that out of my MCB while sitting at my desk! Oh, there is a phone charger in here and a small cork OP with cash and loose change in it! Hermione hasn't got anything on the MCB!

    If I want to downsize, I stick the wallet OP, my keys, and another small pouch with random bits in my Side Effect.

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    I am so excited for my large cafe bag to arrive as my EDC/work bag. I lug around weird stuff on a regular basis. I work on a variety of job-sites and I teach part-time. One foot in construction sites stuff and one foot in a college/business meeting stuff. I think the LCB is going to change my life. My plan:

    Medium cordura pouch - small digital camera, spare plastic baggies for weird samples (non-biological stuff), small tape measure, maybe safety glasses
    Small clear - small sunscreen, lip-balm, hair ties, small odd stuff
    Small cordura - to hold an old non-TB wallet plus recent business receipts
    Mini clear - business cards
    Mini-clear - first aid kit
    Clear pencil case - pencils, Sharpies, pen, small tape measure, small sticky-notes
    Large clear - Dedicated school files when teaching

    I'll also have my I-phone in felted case (my own mad creation), tiny non-TB shop bags, glasses when I remember them. And sometimes, a non-TB plastic work folder for letter size files on job sites. And sometimes a tiny raincoat in a tiny stuff sack. Maybe the Ipad if I can finally steal it from husband. My hope is that all of this will fit. After much obsessing, I think it is going to be perfect for my needs. I'll do a photo-shoot with my new EDC (which will be a realty in Steel/cayenne) next week!

    Do you think my packing list for the LCB is realistic? Cannot wait to put this to the test!

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    As a new LCB owner, I can tell you it should be able to swallow everything and more. I swear to god that Tom must've borrowed Hermione's magic wand, because the amount of stuff you can stuff in is amazing.

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    The large cafe bag has been in service for 2 weeks now and I am thrilled with how it performs. I can fit everything I need and the assorted pouches make organizing so much easier. My job sites are very grimy and I find that the pouches also keep my gear safe and clean. Love the steel colour too. And, the LCB is 'dressy' enough to go from the grime to an office meeting. If only I could manage to be so presentable!

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    I've been using one of two Ristrettos for over two years now and not only do I love them, but they are also both in perfect condition! My Steel/Wasabi iPad size goes almost everywhere unless I need to take an A4 file or I need my MacBook Pro 13" when my Coaco/Orange full size Ristretto comes instead. It's easy to switch between them as they contain four TB pouches with my 'stuff' in them. My FOT small microsuede one has my sunnies in it, a medium clear/cordura one has my stationery items, pencil, lip balm, screen cloth etc. in it, a small padded one has my ear buds and an organiser wallet has my cards and cash in it. In addition I have a triple Mont Blanc pen holder with Meisterstuck fountain pen, ball pen and pencil a black'n'red note book and my iPad 3 or MacBook as appropriate. All the TB pouches are attached with coloured key straps as is my car key.There's also a pocket kept for my iPhone 5, but I usually keep it handy in my pocket, a cup holder in my car or else clipped to the handlebar of my scooter. The bags are carried on a TB Absolute solder strap. I've two of these so I can use one on my Aeronaut too. I really love all of these bags and use them to the full. My only complaint is that they don't seem to wear out, so I can't really justify buying new ones... on go on just one!


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    Sadly this stuff doesn't reside in a TB bag, but nonetheless this is what is in my pack on a daily basis...

    EDC Gear 2013 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    In my EDC bag-8498752704_572a6b56c9_z-jpg
    Bigfoot's EDC... |

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