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Thread: ebook coversion

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    ebook coversion

    While considering some house cleaning I started to take note of some old books we have around the house and started to consider converting them to ebooks. Has anyone done this? I have a bunch of books I will just probably sell to a resale store but I am thinking having them in ebook format would be useful. But I do hate the idea of paying for them twice. But when I travel I do love having just my tiny kindle and not some paperback or a brick like hard cover.
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    I'm sort of doing this slowly. With series that I collect I'm getting the new books in ebook format, the plan is that eventually I'll replace the older books. Also I buy ebooks I'm interested in when they're on sale. I'm not wild about paying twice either. And I never buy an ebook when the DTB version is only out in hardcover. I wait until the paperback is out. The ebook price usually drops then.
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    Many of the classics written prior to 1923 are available as ebooks for free. Just search your provider - nook, kindle, apple etc.

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    There are a couple of services that will scan your hard copy books into ebooks quite inexpensively. Note that they cut the spine of the actual book so it will basically be destroyed. They will give you a PDF, which can be converted into other formats. will give you the format of your choice for an additional fee. is another service that produces a PDF. Note also that longer books will cost more than a dollar to scan--and additional services will add to the cost. I haven't tried them yet, but both services have received good comments from users at an ebook users forum that I read.

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