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    Dad's first Tom Bihn bag

    I've referenced my Dad a few times in the forum, and am excited to learn that he ordered his first Tom Bihn bag today! Dad added "My daughter is obsessed by your products" in the comments section of the order. I challenged him about being "obsessed," and he replied, "Have you heard yourself talking about Mr. Bihn?"

    Psh. What does Dad know. I'm just a big fan!

    Can't wait to see Dad get his shipment ... there's a chance it'll have a little special box decor.

    Oh, he ordered an ID with a Freudian Slip. To go with his new iPad, and eventual iPhone 5. He didn't even ask my opinion about which bag to get! I think the ID looks similar to a bag he had many years ago for work.

    (Mom already has a Cafe Bag, a birthday gift from me a few years ago. She loves it! And they have a Shop Bag.)

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    What a great daughter you are I understand, though. My Dad always has me help him pick out gifts for wouldn't you know Mom's been scoring some nice TB loot this past year! And of course friends and sibs have received shop bags and travel trays and cafe bags as gifts!

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