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    Looking for a couple of volunteers to review the Packing Pro iPhone app

    Hi all;

    I hope it's OK to post this.

    Once a month or so, I publish a review of a smartphone app over at I have a group of people who volunteer to try out apps so I can get other people's opinions to include in my reviews. These apps run the gamut but are generally of interest to people who travel to the Disney theme parks. That means the apps could be an official Disney app, or a handy utility to use in the parks, and so on.

    For this month, I am reviewing the Packing Pro app from Quinn Genzel. Packing Pro has been around for a couple of years, and is currently one of the most popular iPhone apps for putting together a packing list. Quinn regularly updates his app, and he has two versions, priced according to what features you get.

    I have a couple of short review comments in from my volunteer app testers, but I'm hoping to be able to tap into the experienced travelers/packers that are here. As experienced packers, I think most people here would be really good at evaluating a packing list app.

    If you have time to install and play around with this app this weekend, and are able to get some feedback to me by Sunday morning, I am able to give you a free code so you don't have to spend money to install the app. I have three free codes, so the first three people to contact me will get a code. All I ask is that you get some feedback to me by Sunday morning (no later than noon Pacific) October 28, 2012.

    You need not sync this to an actual trip; because the app helps you build a packing list, you can do this anytime. Do you have a vacation coming up? What a great way to daydream and put together your dream packing list!

    I will give you all the instructions you need for how to review an app. It's basically VERY easy, but it will give you a general idea of what kinds of things to keep in mind as you tap around.

    Please do not post a reply to this thread for a code. Please send me a PM here instead.

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