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    Grapenuts: Lembas and Manna

    From our friends at Several Gardens Farm

    "First a disclaimer. It may not shine through in every post, but we are no mere farmers. At Several Gardens Farm, we are low level geeks and scholars as well. We love us some Tolkien, and we love reading or retelling some of the more family appropriate portions of Scripture. Any time this can be accomplished using home made breakfast cereals, I see it as a bonus."

    Read on.....

    Grapenuts: Lembas and Manna-evlish-jpg
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    Reading these recipes makes me temporarily sad to be a 100% Vegan. However, the good has way outdone the bad!!!!
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    Thanks to Janine I made this a few months ago, it was delish. It didn't last long, everybody ate it ravenously. Now I want some more.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Even though Seven Gardens is really cool, may we please be Several Gardens Farm?

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