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Thread: Meet ROWDY

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    Meet ROWDY

    Rocky – adoption pending | East C.A.N.

    Above, please find a link to meet Rowdy, a 13 week old rescue puppy I'm adopting next week. I know, his name says Rocky....the shelter was naming him that because they think his paws look like boxing gloves...but after an afternoon visit with this young man, I think Rowdy is a more appropriate name.

    Rowdy and his 8 siblings, and mother, were abandoned by some creeps, whom I'd love to meet one day....the mother died, and a good samaritan in their neighborhood took the pups to a shelter. They were cared for by a Vet and his staff, then placed in foster homes, and now ready to go to their forever homes.

    I guess it's time for me to order one of those beautiful Purple Krebs leashes from the TB website.

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    Aww! He's beautiful. Thanks for rescuing him!

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    Ohhh such a cute puppy!!!

    I'm sad to hear he was abandoned, but very heartened that he found a forever home with you. **hugs** ^_^

    I hope all his siblings find forever homes, too!
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    So happy to hear that Rowdy has you for family! Adorable pup. We want to adopt a dog this summer- you will have to let us all know how puppy training goes. Are you going to pick up some TB canine products? I already have some saved on my wish list for the day when I become a real dog owner Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    What a beautiful puppy! Oh, excuse me, handsome. Thank you so much for your contribution to the rescue of shelter animals!

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