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    Smile Travel Down Pillows

    Someone mentioned fairly recently that they're in search of a comfortable travel pillow so I thought I'd share my recent discovery of travel-sized (12"x16") down pillows. Down is light and it compresses very nicely without losing its loft so it makes sense that down would be a good filling for a travel pillow. I just bought one and while I have not yet used it traveling, it is quite comfortable. I ordered from All About Down (via, a small company located in Seattle (it seems that good things come from Seattle). The only experience I have with the company is this travel pillow, but they also sell regular sized pillows, down comforters, mattress toppers, and will clean, repair, and adjust the amount of fill for things you already own. They make custom size and fill down products as well. The pillow seems well constructed and packs pretty small. It's easy to pack into a smallish stuff sack (the one I have is 4 liters, not TB, but I was easily able to fit two pillows into it, mine and my mother's, so I think it would fit into a sack half that size without a problem).

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    I'm not being cynical, I really want to know, how much support does it give you? I mean if you can stuff it in a sack, why doesn't it just compress under the weight of your head?

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