Blackfungi, I had to come in and thank you for this recommendation - I got one of these for MrDaisy who has taken it to a client site today to reduce his reliance on takeaway coffee ..

Got an email from him during the day with the topic

"coffee thermometer - I need one that says "Too hot", "Safe", and "Make another". This cafetiere has the best heat retention I have ever seen - or felt. "...Featuring the insulation they use in Hell.." I feed it a couple of shots of ice water to get it right-ish after it has infused for a while (but temp-testing method is still a bit old-school) and it holds that temp for as long as the coffee lasts. Awesome."

I just hope he remembers to put it back in his EB - it would take me a while to get another sent from the US.

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i am making my daily fresh coffee with this beauty :Features Gamila Company Designs That Make You Smile!

no sludge! super easy to clean. all stainless steel and food grade silicone. i have used the bodums and they are total crap compared to this impress coffee maker. this is such a great product for coffee lovers like us.