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    The Book of Kells iPad app for Book-loving iPad users is free for St. Patrick's Day

    Hi All,

    So this is totatlly not about bags, and only relevant for iPad owners who also love design and books. For those of you who cannot make it out to old library at Trinity College, Dublin, there is a Book of Kells app that allows you to examine the close up details of 21 of the images from this 9th century manuscript. It is free today for St. Patrick's day, but it normally lists for $12.00. Here's the URL:

    For those of you who want to see what this looks like. Here's a link that I found when I was looking for the URL link to post:
    Get the Book of Kells iPad app free for St Patrick's Day

    And for those of you wanting to unleash your inner child. Another iPad only book app that is free today is The Little Mermaid by Auryn, Inc. with illustrations by Lisbeth Zwerger. Here's the URL for the version in English:

    And also for the version in Mandarin Chinese:

    Again, you can read a review of this app at the Kirkus web site, where it is one of their starred interactive iPad books for children.

    This is one of the books that Auryn, Inc. is releasing as a free iPad book each day in celebration of March as National Reading Month. If you want to see the schedule, check the Auryn blog post on this subject. The one I would really look for is "Teddy's Night" on March 29th. I can't quickly locate the Kirkus review for the "Teddy's Night" iPad app, but here's the one they did for "Teddy's Day" by the same authors. Alas, that one was free on March 7th.

    Happy reading, iPad users.


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    Too late for the free Book of Kells! Mind you, it reminded me that Trinity College, Dublin was where one of my favourite films, "Educating Rita" was filmed. I don't know if this made it over the pond, but it is based on a two man play by Liverpudlian playwright, Willie Russell and stared Julie Walters and Michael Cain. A brilliant film, and well worth seeking out... and Trinity doesn't look to shabby either!

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    Rats, I missed the 3/17 deadline. But glad to know the Book of Kells is apped! Now if they would do the same for the Great Isaiah Scroll.

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    Looking forward to checking this out. Thanks for the notice, even though I missed the free day.
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