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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanisol View Post
    I was INFP too - I've never met another one. I took the test in '96 or '97 though and have always wondered if/how it would have changed since then. I've just recently started experimenting with packing cubes thanks to my TB addiction, and I'm still rather undecided about them.
    Nice to "meet" a few other INFPs ... at least virtually. I know what you mean about packing cubes. I find that I only use them for long trips (5+ days) My favorite "packing cube" is actually the clear quarter packing cube. I use that in all sorts of ways (undies / socks for shorter trips; first aid kit; kitcheny stuff for condos -- extra trash bags, dish soap; cords, cables, chargers; vitamins / OTC; snacks .... just to give a few examples)

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    ENTJ here. I first took this like 10 years ago. It's changed a little over time; I used to be a strong INTJ. My job forced me to become more extroverted.
    [2003] Brain Bag (w/Lg. A45 Packing Cube, Snake Charmer, Q-kit & 2 Brain cells) ___________________________________________ "Be excellent to each other."
    - [2010] Aeronaut45 (w/Absolute, 1lg/2sm Packing Cubes, Travel Tray & 3D clear cube)
    - - [2013] Co-Pilot (w/S.O.S. strap, Cache, Clear Org wallet, 3D mesh cube, whistle, Sm. COP's & Q-kit)
    - - - [2015] Tristar (w/Absolute, PCSB, Passport Pouch & lg Packing Cube)

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    I'm an INTJ and love my packing cubes.
    Indigo/Solar TS, Indigo/Solar Synapse 19, Black/Steel, 13" Ristretto, Indigo BB, Black/Island A30, Island LSB, Black SSB

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    I've never seen so many INTJs in my life. I'm super heavy on the T and the J and, apparently, am a "mastermind."

    Personally, I think I'm a wizard.

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    I am INTP as well. I don't think they literally mean Architect; more of a characterization. They do list jobs down below the assesment with (I had to laugh) least enjoyable being Child Care Worker & Wedding Planner. Right on. I can't image a bigger nightmare.

    Back to the comic books, mwa ha ha!

    Quote Originally Posted by jannilee View Post
    INTP - rarest type for a woman - shoulda been an architect according to them.
    ~ one of virtually everything ~ Happy victim of Tom Bihn mind control

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    True. I do find, however that i take a structural approach when thinking about managing, teaching or problem solving. If the structure is robust the content is generally pretty easy to fit into it. If the structure is confusing or a mess the content becomes much harder to deal with. (Does this make sense to anyone but me???).

    Wedding planner?? Gack!

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    INTJ, tested and retested over the last 20 years. Over the years, I have shifted a bit towards sensing and feeling, but then slipped back into my old ornery, introverted, logical and judgemental self.

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