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    Northern California road trip advice needed

    My family--my wife and I and two adult children (19 and 24)--are planning a road trip around the northern part of California July 27 through August 4. Last minute planning, as usual. We are coming from Costa Rica. Our trip will be anchored by a couple of days in Yosemite to start. Then we have more or less agreed to mosey up through Tahoe and the mountains to Mt. Shasta, then over to Eureka/Arcata, then down 101 and 1 to enjoy the redwoods and the coast. The last 36 hours will be in Berkeley to see my sister and to explore San Francisco a bit. (We were in SF a few years ago, so we don't feel the need for too much time in the city.)

    We are an eclectic bunch, divided between nature and outdoor enjoyers and urban types that are tolerating the nature part, and my love of it, in exchange for more cultural and shopping pursuits. The latter will be an add on from 4-7 August after my daughter flies back to Miami: outlets and malls, probably south of San Jose.

    If anyone has any cool ideas on where to stay and what to do in the Shasta, Eureka and Lost Coast areas I'd appreciate it. Also suggestions for lodging near Lake Tahoe (overnight) and Berkeley (2 nights) would be helpful. I try to keep lodging between $200 and $275 per night for the group. I expect we will share a room except for occasional bargains.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I saw the tweet about this and cicked through, but after I read your description, I realized I can't be of any help. (I live in the Santa Cruz area.)

    Not sure what you mean by "outlets and malls ... south of San Jose" — the outlets in Gilroy? I only went there once and that was 15 years ago or so.

    It sounds like a nice (if exhausting) trip. I'm sure others will be better able to help you. Sorry.

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