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    ZAGG Mini 7 Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

    I got the ZAGG Mini 7 Keyboard Case when I bought my iPad Mini last spring.

    The way it came about is that I bought a screen and back protector for my iPad Mini from the Zagg kiosk which was manned by a young cute European guy.

    We were chatting when he was installing the screens, I also bought a stylus and when I was about to leave, (I had other purchase to make to get ready for my trip, notably the luggage scale), he placed what looked like a keyboard case on top of the drying unit.

    I said: What's that? He replied : a keyboard for the iPad. I said: Do you have one for the iPad Mini?

    He rummaged through the kiosk and finally found one. I told him to install it because I saw that it would give an extra layer of protection to my iPad Mini and would turn it into a mini computer.

    If I want lightweight and brainless tablet or phone duty, I use dumdroid tablet (which belongs to my husband) and dumbdroid phone (mine until I get supper iphone 5, Yipeee!)

    As you can see, besides being an Apple fan girl or, in my mind, Superwoman, I didn't know how to articulate the usefulness of the integrated keyboard, it is the first device I own, that didn't come with a build-in keyboard.

    Jeffmac forum member, otherwise known as Restless Tech to the rescue.

    His review below is extremely comprehensive, so much so that, even if I have been using the keyboard since spring, it has explanations on the keyboard functionality that I didn't know about.

    The review is worth reading twice, three times, or even more, so you might as well bookmark it.

    ZAGG Mini 7 Keyboard Case Review - Restless Tech

    I agree with Jeff, the weight of the keyboard is significant but it is a small price to pay for the proctection of my iPad Mini which had a Medium Padded Pouch ready for service but... I feared that I would be asked to remove the fragile iPad Mini from its Tom Bihn Shield to leave it to the harsh treatment of the security bins.

    To quote Jeff verbatim: "the Zagg case does support smart functionality with magnets to turn your iPad on and off, but there is nothing to hold the case closed. This makes me nervous if I do drop the iPad but it is recessed enough that even if comes to rest on the pavement face down, the glass on your iPad won’t make contact with the ground."

    That scares me as well, after reading that paragraph I brainstormed and though that using my Tom Bihn Travel Money Belt - Discreetly carry extra money or a photocopy of your passport - TOM BIHN would work to secure the case closed.

    In the 50's and 60's students used to secure their books and notebooks together with a belt-like apparatus.

    My TB Belt is one of the larger one and I think the Small would work better.

    On the trip, the iPad Mini was securely slipped in the pocket of the Synapse 19 main compartment. It was easy to get in and out, even in when my front seat mates decided to recline fully.

    I had to do some shuffling when setting my full EDC in the Synapse 19.

    When I realized that my notebook Cache fits perfectly the iPad Mini and Zagg keyboard pair, enabling them to conquer the main compartment, the Field Journal Notebook then the Clear Quarter Packing Cube took over the Synapse main compartment pocket,.

    In case you haven't noticed, I am very protective of my iPad Mini, no tossing here, and the Cache is perfect, very lightweight and tough.

    Thank you, again to jeffmac!

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    Thank you for the advert Backpack!

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