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    Some of us need wheels.....

    no no no ... I'm not asking Tom to make wheeled luggage.

    However there are lots of people who appreciate a nicely made bag and yet are unable for whatever reason to carry it on shoulder or back for long distances.

    Every time someone asks about wheeled luggage on these forums they are met with cries of "get a luggage trolley if you must have wheels."

    We used to have a Samsonite one purchased in France many moons ago but it seems to have disappeared - it was never terribly good anyway.

    So - does anyone know of a really GOOD folding luggage trolley?
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    The problem with most folding luggage carts is the short width. They are very unstable. I"ve tested a few over the years and have come to a simple conclusion: If you need wheels, you're better off buying a lightweight wheeled bag. Every cart I've tested at some point tilted and fell over.

    The other problem you may have nowadays with a cart are airline restrictions. They may count the cart as your "personal" item--remember, they make money if you have to check something--and then the time it takes to unhook your bag once on the plane and store everything will hold people up. It won't make you very popular.

    What someone needs to design is a bag cover--like a rain cover--with wheels on one end and a soft, long handle, similar to a shoulder strap, on the other end. This way, you can attach is to the bag, roll it to the gate, then remove it just before boarding, stow it in your bag, and carry your bag the last few feet onto the plane. It probably wouldn't weigh much--less than a metal or plastic cart.

    The cover can either go around the entire bag with a zipper or act like overalls do on a person. You put the bag into one end and two straps go around the top of the bag to keep it in place.
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    What a GREAT idea!
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    What you suggest is already made. They are called rolling shopping bags or rolling folding shopping bags or rolling folding totes.

    Black Folding Rolling Shopping Bag w Wheels Folding Carry on Trolley Case | eBay

    Search ebay, Amazon or Google for rolling folding shopping bag or rolling folding tote and items similar to the one linked to can be found. Some have rigid plastic or metal handles and are similar to wheeled luggage but others are wheels on a plate attached to a bag and a strap. The wheels range from a few inches diameter down to small caster size.

    The do it your selfers here can probably figure out how to detach the wheel and plate assembly from a rolling bag or from a folding cart and attach a set of straps to it that would allow the wheels to be connected to a variety of Tom Bihn bags without modifying the TB bag.

    The rest of us can just find a rolling folding bag big enough for the Tom Bihn bag we want to put in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDel View Post
    What you suggest is already made. They are called rolling shopping bags or rolling folding shopping bags or rolling folding totes.

    Black Folding Rolling Shopping Bag w Wheels Folding Carry on Trolley Case | eBay
    We have one of these that we use for trips to the Farmer's Market, and it's pretty flimsy. The canvas has ripped after less than one season. I wouldn't trust these for luggage at ALL.

    This is the one that I have: Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart, Black, One Size: Clothing

    It works great, although I haven't tried taking it on a flight yet. Will do that next month I believe.
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    I have a couple of these fold up wheeled bags. I just tried putting a Tri Star in it. It was challenging to get in the bag. Or, I'm clumsy. It was a close fit with the TS empty. A Western Flyer is a much easier fit. As Frank said the sturdy factor might be lacking but if one absolutley needs wheels this seems a better option than a cart. They do fold up to a reasonable size. The real drawback is the weight. I took photos if anyone wants to see them let me know.
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    For what it's worth, I travel a lot for business and because of the amount of stuff I HAVE to bring (projector, laptop, suits, regular clothes, teaching aids, etc) I can't one-bag it. I've used an eBags eTech Mother Lode rolling bag for years and it has been GREAT, especially considering the price. Had the handle go wheels up on my original one after about 1.5 years of use and emailed the company. Had a whole new bag on my doorstep before the week was over, so excellent customer service, too. Sometimes a dedicated tool is better than trying to make something flimsy work...

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