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    Food Association Quiz

    Just a bit of fun late on a Wednesday night (or on Thursday morning, if you're a normal person). I found this "Food Association Quiz" on a blog I stumbled upon. Basically, you just name the first food or drink that pops into your head. Post your responses below!—and for context, please explain a) where you grew up and b) where you live now, to avoid awkward questions like "why is your comfort food camel jerky?"


    What is the first food (or drink) that comes to mind when you read these?

    Fast Food
    Junk Food
    Greasy Food
    Obesity Culprit
    Order-in Food
    Take-out Food
    Kid Food
    Snack Food
    Addictive Food
    Packaged Food
    Decadent Food
    Little Indulgence
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food
    Repulsive Food
    Hearty Breakfast
    Light Lunch
    Fine Dining
    Healthy Food
    Fresh Food
    Seasonal Food
    Local Food
    Best Pick-Me-Up
    My Country’s National Food
    Best Thirst Quencher
    Girly Drink
    Lunchbox Staple
    Pantry Necessity
    Frozen Treat
    Something in a Jar
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day
    A Food I Would Never Eat
    A “Poor People’s Food”
    A “Rich People’s Food”
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!

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    Here are my answers:

    a) I grew up in Oregon, USA and b) I now live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is also reputed to be part of the USA.

    What is the first food (or drink) that comes to mind when you read these?
    • Fast Food McDonald's
    • Junk Food Cheetos
    • Greasy Food Fish and chips
    • Obesity Culprit High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • Order-in Food Pizza
    • Take-out Food Gyros
    • Kid Food Chicken nuggets
    • Snack Food Goldfish crackers
    • Addictive Food Nachosssssss
    • Packaged Food Suddenly SALAD
    • Decadent Food Brie en croûte
    • Little Indulgence Almond croissant (on a rainy Saturday morning)
    • Connoisseur (Snob) Food Pink Himalayan sea salt
    • Repulsive Food Peas
    • Hearty Breakfast Biscuits and gravy
    • Light Lunch Salad (not Suddenly)
    • Fine Dining Per Se
    • Healthy Food Kale
    • Fresh Food Grapefruit
    • Seasonal Food Rhubarb
    • Local Food Cheese
    • Best Pick-Me-Up Double ristretto espresso
    • My Country’s National Food Apple pie
    • Best Thirst Quencher (Junipero) Gin and tonic
    • Girly Drink Cosmopolitan
    • Lunchbox Staple Clif bar and Red Bull
    • Pantry Necessity Kosher salt
    • Frozen Treat Gelato
    • Something in a Jar Peanut Butter
    • A Food I Could Eat Every Day Pizza
    • A Food I Would Never Eat Peas (see "Repulsive Food", above)
    • A “Poor People’s Food” Toss-up between maggoty bread (pre-20th century) and microwaveable pork rinds (late 20th century)
    • A “Rich People’s Food” Foie gras
    • A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make Head to Toe (but my friend Carol did it!)
    • I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! What I say every time I leave Chipotle

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    Fast Food- Mc D's
    Junk Food-Pork rinds
    Greasy Food-onion rings
    Obesity Culprit-deep fried twinkies
    Order-in Food-pizza
    Take-out Food-Chinese food
    Kid Food-Kraft mac and cheese
    Snack Food--potato chips
    Addictive Food--chocolate
    Packaged Food--TV dinner
    Decadent Food--truffles
    Little Indulgence--Starbucks coffee

    Connoisseur (Snob) Food--sushi
    Repulsive Food--spam
    Hearty Breakfast--pancakes
    Light Lunch--salad nicoise
    Fine Dining--souffle
    Healthy Food--leafy greens
    Fresh Food--fresh baked bread
    Seasonal Food--halibut
    Local Food--berries
    Best Pick-Me-Up--smoothies
    My Country’s National Food-French fries
    Best Thirst Quencher--water
    Girly Drink--appletini
    Lunchbox Staple--egg salad sandwich
    Pantry Necessity--canned tomatoes
    Frozen Treat--gelato
    Something in a Jar--olives
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day--bananas
    A Food I Would Never Eat--duck feet (not more than once!0
    A “Poor People’s Food”--beans and rice
    A “Rich People’s Food”--lobster thermidor
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make--turducken
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! --thanksgiving dinner
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    Fast Food: Wendy's
    Junk Food: E. L. Fudge Cookies
    Greasy Food: Burrito from Taco Bell
    Obesity Culprit: Alcohol
    Order-in Food: Glass Nickle Pizza
    Take-out Food: Thai
    Kid Food: Hot dogs
    Snack Food: Cheezits
    Addictive Food: Hershey's Hugs
    Packaged Food: Wheat Thins
    Decadent Food: Cheesecake
    Little Indulgence: Fancy coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles and unicorns and rainbows
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food: ALL THE EXPENSIVE CHEESE
    Repulsive Food: Sauerkraut
    Hearty Breakfast: Irish breakfast
    Light Lunch: Yogurt, wheat thins, grapes
    Fine Dining: Steak marinated in steak served with steak. I love steak.
    Healthy Food: Salad with beets.
    Fresh Food: A pear from Whole Foods
    Seasonal Food: Acorn squash
    Local Food: Cheese
    Best Pick-Me-Up: 5 Hour Energy
    My Country’s National Food: Hamburger
    Best Thirst Quencher: Iced Tea
    Girly Drink: Vodka cranberry
    Lunchbox Staple: Cookie
    Pantry Necessity: Tuna
    Frozen Treat: Magnum Bars
    Something in a Jar: Peanut Butter
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day: Bread
    A Food I Would Never Eat: Rocky Mountain Oysters
    A “Poor People’s Food”: Spam
    A “Rich People’s Food”: Truffles
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make: Anything with a torch
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!: Rotisserie chicken. Yes.

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    Fast Food Hamburger
    Junk Food Doritos
    Greasy Food Hashbrowns
    Obesity Culprit Cupcakes
    Order-in Food Thai
    Take-out Food Pizza
    Kid Food Carrot Sticks
    Snack Food Cashews
    Addictive Food Carmel Salted Ice Cream
    Packaged Food Dried Apricots
    Decadent Food French Double Cream Brie Cheese
    Little Indulgence Bourdeax
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food Truffle Oil
    Repulsive Food Spam
    Hearty Breakfast Omlette
    Light Lunch Soup/Salad
    Fine Dining Fancy Italian
    Healthy Food Caesar Salad
    Fresh Food Stock of Romaine Lettuce
    Seasonal Food Watermelon
    Local Food Chard
    Best Pick-Me-Up A Bar of Chocolate
    My Country’s National Food Hot Dog
    Best Thirst Quencher Ice Water
    Girly Drink Pink Martini
    Lunchbox Staple Apple
    Pantry Necessity Tomato Soup
    Frozen Treat Chunky Monkey
    Something in a Jar Jam
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day Indian Food
    A Food I Would Never Eat Chicken Feet
    A “Poor People’s Food” Meat Pie
    A “Rich People’s Food” Caviar
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make Phad Thai
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! Extra Large Pizza
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    Fast Food: MacDonald's
    Junk Food: Soft drinks
    Greasy Food: Calamari with aoili
    Obesity Culprit: Almond croissants
    Order-in Food: Pizza
    Take-out Food: Thai, Chinese, or Indian
    Kid Food: Mac and cheese
    Snack Food: Cheese and crackers
    Addictive Food: Chips
    Packaged Food: Microwaveable meals
    Decadent Food: Triple coconut cream pie (a la Tom Douglas)
    Little Indulgence: Truffle
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food: Foie gras
    Repulsive Food: Foie gras
    Hearty Breakfast: yogurt, fruit, and granola
    Light Lunch; Bowl of soup
    Fine Dining: Just about anything with dungeness crab
    Healthy Food: Kale
    Fresh Food: Nectarines
    Seasonal Food: Grapes and nectarines
    Local Food: Salmon
    Best Pick-Me-Up: Americano with 6 shots and no room
    My Country’s National Food: Apple pie
    Best Thirst Quencher: Iced tea
    Girly Drink: Cosmopolitan
    Lunchbox Staple: Fruit
    Pantry Necessity: Canned tomatoes
    Frozen Treat: Jamocha almond fudge ice cream
    Something in a Jar: Bubbies Dill pickles
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day: Salad (and I do)
    A Food I Would Never Eat: Raw seafood
    A “Poor People’s Food”: Anything from MacD's
    A “Rich People’s Food”: Anything from Cheesecake Factory
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make: Anything with a pie crust, I can't make good ones for the life of me.
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! : pint of ice cream
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    Ok, here we go - a) i grew up in extreme Southern NJ, and b) I now live in north-central NJ. For those of you living in NJ, you'll understand the differences. For those of you living everywhere else, here's a fairly decent explanation of the geographic and cultural differences.

    What is the first food (or drink) that comes to mind when you read these?

    Fast Food - McDonald's
    Junk Food - any kind of chips
    Greasy Food - fried chicken
    Obesity Culprit - sugar sugar sugar
    Order-in Food - pizza
    Take-out Food - Chinese
    Kid Food - chicken nuggets
    Snack Food - pretzels
    Addictive Food - peanut M&Ms
    Packaged Food - instant oatmeal
    Decadent Food - really good chocolate mousse
    Little Indulgence - small piece of dark chocolate
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food - caviar
    Repulsive Food - Brussels sprouts
    Hearty Breakfast - pancakes, bacon, eggs, REAL maple syrup, coffee, OJ
    Light Lunch - Greek yogurt and granola
    Fine Dining - The Frog & The Peach
    Healthy Food - kale
    Fresh Food - fruit salad
    Seasonal Food - Jersey Fresh Produce
    Local Food - pork roll
    Best Pick-Me-Up - water
    My Country’s National Food - Cheeseburger
    Best Thirst Quencher - quality craft brewed beer
    Girly Drink - any kind of daiquiri
    Lunchbox Staple - PB&J
    Pantry Necessity - good vanilla
    Frozen Treat - boardwalk custard
    Something in a Jar - pickles
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day - my homemade mac & cheese
    A Food I Would Never Eat - liver
    A “Poor People’s Food” - rice and beans
    A “Rich People’s Food” - Wagyu steak
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make - Paella
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! - an entire pizza

    Now I'm hungry.....

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    Great thread idea! For context, I grew up in the Puget Sound region (just across the water from Seattle) and now reside in Seattle.

    Fast Food: Taco Time
    Junk Food: Twinkies or anything Hostess
    Greasy Food: Grocery Store Chinese Food
    Obesity Culprit: Pizza and Beer
    Order-in Food: Pizza... and beer
    Take-out Food: Thai
    Kid Food: Box Mac and Cheese
    Snack Food: Carrots and Hummus
    Addictive Food: Chips and Salsa
    Packaged Food: Oreos
    Decadent Food: Scallops
    Little Indulgence: Donuts on a Sunday
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food: Wild Mushrooms
    Repulsive Food: Ketchup. Ugh, don't even like typing the word.
    Hearty Breakfast: Veggie Omelette, Hash Browns, Toast, and Coffee
    Light Lunch: Apple Slices with Smoked Cheddar
    Fine Dining: Revel (though, really, everything is pretty reasonably priced)
    Healthy Food: Brussel Sprouts
    Fresh Food: Steamed Crab
    Seasonal Food: Honeycrisp Apples
    Local Food: Seafood, Seafood, Seafood!
    Best Pick-Me-Up: Good Ol' Drip Coffee
    My Country’s National Food: Hot Dogs
    Best Thirst Quencher: Hilliards Saison
    Girly Drink: eh, not sure... Pina Colada?
    Lunchbox Staple: Greek Yogurt
    Pantry Necessity: Garlic
    Frozen Treat: Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Something in a Jar: Pickles
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day: Omlettes
    A Food I Would Never Eat: Ketchup
    A “Poor People’s Food”: Canned Corned Beef Hash (but I kinda like it)
    A “Rich People’s Food”: Foie Gras
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make: Pie. I can't bake for the life of me.
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!: Large Pepperoni Pizza
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    OK, born and raised in Albuquerque, NM but living in Nashville TN for the last 27 years- talk about conflicted!!

    Fast Food- Chick Fil A
    Junk Food- tortilla chips
    Greasy Food- bacon
    Obesity Culprit- fries
    Order-in Food- chinese
    Take-out Food- pizza
    Kid Food- mac and cheese
    Snack Food- almonds
    Addictive Food- pretzels
    Packaged Food- tuna
    Decadent Food- oysters
    Little Indulgence- port wine
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food- a cheese plate
    Repulsive Food- borscht
    Hearty Breakfast- Cracker Barrel
    Light Lunch- Panera
    Fine Dining- Mediterranean
    Healthy Food- salad
    Fresh Food- fruit
    Seasonal Food- CHILES!!!!
    Local Food- grits
    Best Pick-Me-Up- coffee
    My Country’s National Food- burgers
    Best Thirst Quencher- water
    Girly Drink- Pinot Grigio
    Lunchbox Staple- PEANUT BUTTER
    Pantry Necessity- enchilada sauce....and butter
    Frozen Treat- ice cream
    Something in a Jar- olives
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day- carne adobada
    A Food I Would Never Eat- beets
    A “Poor People’s Food”- beans
    A “Rich People’s Food”- caviar
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make- eggs benedict
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!- caveman steak (bone in ribeye)

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    NYC/The South (but not much longer)

    Fast Food--sandwich
    Junk Food--anything in a box
    Greasy Food--bacon
    Obesity Culprit--refined carbohydrates
    Order-in Food--Chinese
    Take-out Food--Chinese
    Kid Food--mac 'n cheese
    Snack Food--antipasti
    Addictive Food--fresh baked, hand-made baguettes
    Packaged Food--yuck
    Decadent Food--chocolate cheesecake
    Little Indulgence--chocolate
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food--pate de foie gras
    Repulsive Food--chicken nuggets
    Hearty Breakfast--Full English
    Light Lunch--Salad Nicoise
    Fine Dining--French/Continental
    Healthy Food--fish
    Fresh Food--anything organic & local
    Seasonal Food-truffles
    Local Food--BBQ
    Best Pick-Me-Up--coffee
    My Country’s National Food--anything in a package with ingredients you can't pronounce.
    Best Thirst Quencher--water
    Girly Drink--Cosmopolitan
    Lunchbox Staple--cheese
    Pantry Necessity--stock
    Frozen Treat--gelato
    Something in a Jar--half sour pickles
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day--dry aged rib eye
    A Food I Would Never Eat--cantaloupe
    A “Poor People’s Food”--anything that comes from a drive thru
    A “Rich People’s Food”--pate de foie gras
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make--Duck Confit
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!--pizza margherita
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    I was born and raised in the greater Seattle area and still live here.

    Fast Food - Dicks
    Junk Food - McDonalds
    Greasy Food - fries
    Obesity Culprit - diet soda
    Order-in Food - Garlic Jims pizza
    Take-out Food - Kalia (Indian)
    Kid Food - mac & cheese
    Snack Food - beef jerky
    Addictive Food - caramel corn
    Packaged Food - Beechers Flagship
    Decadent Food - foie gras
    Little Indulgence - Ben and Jerrys
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food - Canlis
    Repulsive Food - escargot
    Hearty Breakfast - omelet stuffed with bacon, cheddar, onions, & bell peppers; hash browns on the side
    Light Lunch - salad
    Fine Dining - The Herb Farm
    Healthy Food - hummous
    Fresh Food - fruit from the Market
    Seasonal Food - pumpkin pie
    Local Food - Molly Moon
    Best Pick-Me-Up - banana
    My Country’s National Food - pizza
    Best Thirst Quencher - water
    Girly Drink - Mike's Hard Lemonade
    Lunchbox Staple - chips
    Pantry Necessity - olive oil
    Frozen Treat - Ben and Jerrys
    Something in a Jar - chunky peanut butter
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day - snickerdoodles
    A Food I Would Never Eat - chilled monkey brains
    A “Poor People’s Food” - tacos
    A “Rich People’s Food” - caviar
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make - butter chicken
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! - Healthy Burrito at Todo Mexico
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