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    Hanging pictures

    This is really not about bags but I find myself looking for an innovative way to hang pictures. I hate to use a nail in the drywall since it either falls off or makes a larger hole than I want. I have used hooks like this one but if the item to hang has the hardware near the top then the hook is visible. I find more items to hang have the hardware right at the very top and it makes using one of these hooks unacceptable. I know I'm being too sensitive for my drywall but just thought I'd ask the creative minds of TB.
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    Command removable hooks and picture hanging velcro strips. Just search the word. They advertise a lot on TV, especially now that people are hanging seasonal things in their homes and don't want to destroy the painting or wallpaper.

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    Backpack beat me to it. Seconded. We live in a tall (22 story) condo with several interior walls of concrete, so we can't drive a nail in. Command hooks are perfect. Many grades for many different weights. Good low profiles, and they can really disappear behind the wall hanging. I think they're made by 3M.

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    If you have an exposed beam or drop ceiling a very common thing many art galleries and museums do is hang from the ceiling. It creates a great three dimensional effect. There is one place that I work that has very perfect, very white walls in their displays that they explicitly state that no workers touch so when we hang art in there we go to the ceiling.

    I wish I had a picture but what we did was remove the acoustical drop ceiling tiles, installed a schedule 40 pipe in the attic spanning several beams for heavy stuff like sculptures (you can skip that part), under that we hung another smaller pipe parralel to the wall for lighter things like paintings. You could do this in your house pretty easily with materials from Home Depot. It could be a scrap piece of wood, some old conduit etc... As long as it holds what you need to hang on it. For the actual hanging we have used heavy duty dyneema fishing line, you can use a big needle to poke a hole through the ceiling tile to thread the line through and with most tiles you would never know once it was removed.

    Some pointers:
    Find out the weight of your heaviest picture/painting, multiply by 5. This will be the minimum strength of fishing line you will need.
    It's all about lighting, with good track lighting you can make your pictures "float"
    You can connect multiple pictures together by installing pick points on the bottom of the first picture, just be sure to calculate for the extra weight.
    Spectra/dyneema is very slippery and only a few knots will work with it. Search google for knots that will.
    Seek out solid structural members and sink long screws into them.

    I hope that helps in a non-horribly confusing way. If you have any questions let me know.

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    Here's a video link to the command strips backpack recommended,
    DIY mounting and hanging made easy : Command

    In placing of these strips I would recommend rather than going by eye to either use a level or measure up on both sides from the top of your floor molding. I would then make an ever so slight mark with a pencil or use a little piece of blue (or yellow) painters tape, measuring, than placing the tapes edge to the desired location / than removing it when done.

    If u happen to have a laser level hanging about that would be best. ;-)

    If u r unsure of your placement strategy one trick is to cut a piece of paper to the size of your artwork and then tape (from behind the face of the paper) a post stick to each corner. (On larger works younmay have to supplement the middle of each edge with a post-stick as well) Then just use this set up as an arrangement check before the actual hanging. This works very well if u r placing an arrangement of smaller pictures. (Hint: use the larger size post-sticks when doing so.)
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