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    Sometimes the commute is reeeeaaaaaally long....

    News items like this make me glad I don't commute ... although if I did I'd probably have a smart alec full of stuck-on-the-train-supplies .... the city buses are the pits but at least you can get off and walk when the traffic is gridlocked.

    Tens of thousands of Sydney residents have endured a long and disjointed journey home in the wet on Friday, after signal failures struck down most of the city’s train system.

    Passengers reported being stuck on trains for hours after a direct lightning strike on the signal control centre at Lidcombe knocked out trains across the network about 5.45pm. The only line not affected was the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line.

    "Five hours to get home to Katoomba. That is all," one commuter, Siobhan, said in an email to the Herald.

    One Twitter user, @Crap_Commuters, said: "People are resorting to urinating on the train! Sydney trains offers no respect for us!"

    At 8.50pm a spokesman for Sydney Trains said services were moving across the city again. The spokesman said lightning strikes had taken out both the main and back-up signalling systems, and electricians had reported extensive damage and burnt equipment.
    source: Delays hit Sydney train network
    List under construction ....

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    Reminds me of the 7 hour bus ride home last time we got heavy snow in Seattle a few years back.

    I should have booked a room at the Red Lion instead.

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