In the lower 48 states, wolves are in danger of losing their protection thus putting them at risk of being hunted indiscriminately and back to extinction in the famous U.S National Parks ecosystem, such as Yellowstone and Glacier.

I am at a loss for words so below is the quote from the organization I got the information from. I met the lady who created the organization it is a law advocacy organization on behalf of animals, very nice people.

And here is the link to the same blog post which has link to ways of contacting representative and senator to sign a letter to oppose the delisting. The deadline for signing the letter is Dec 10.

Call to Keep Gray Wolf Protections in Place | Animal Legal Defense Fund

Call to Keep Gray Wolf Protections in Place
Posted by Chris Green, ALDF's Director of Legislative Affairs on December 4, 2013

We need your help to protect gray wolves today!

You may have heard the shocking news that plans are underway to delist nearly all gray wolves in the lower 48 states from the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This means these wolves would be “fair game” and not protected under the ESA.

As regional hearings are being held on the issue, a letter is being circulated in Congress urging Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to abandon agency plans to delist the wolves. Removing these protections would leave gray wolves at the mercy of the states, many of which still view the wolf as a mere pest to be exterminated.

Since 2011, nearly 1,500 gray wolves have been killed in several U.S. States. Indeed, Montana recently issued 6,000 wolf-hunting permits for only 625 wolves currently remaining in the state –– greatly hastening their chances of eradication. Similarly, Wisconsin just allowed wolves to be hunted with dogs, killing more than 181 of these iconic American animals in just a few weeks.

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva and Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick are trying to get as many of their fellow Congresspersons to sign onto the letter by the December 10 deadline. We need your help to support them!"

After all wolves are canis lupus, are as skookum as our canis lupus familiaris.