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I have one question on my mind that I posted in this other forum. The question involves coming up with an ultra-portable "kit" of accessories that would be necessary for taking presentations with me on-the-road:
Here's what I carry. I have an older iPad 2 and a Macbook Pro Retina, so these are for those two devices.

  • 30-pin to VGA
  • 30-pin to HDMI
  • 30-pin to SD card
  • 30-pin to USB
  • Thunderbolt to VGA
  • Thunderbolt to Ethernet
  • HDMI cable

I have all of these in a small TB Organizer Pouch. This combination gives me the capability to connect to pretty much any projector/display setup I've ever seen. I've never come across needing a DVI adapter, and only once or twice have I wished I'd had a VGA cable itself when I didn't have my own projector (which has a cable with it).