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Thread: Socks Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by flaneuse View Post
    I am a knitter and over the years I've made a stash of superwash wool/various wool blend socks. They are such a treat to wear and fun to make
    Hello fellow knitter (waving)! I have only one hand knit pair of (anklet) socks to my name, but I am working on a knee high pair for my mom. I agree that hand-knit custom made socks are the best! But alas, I am taking so long to get them done! Perhaps if I stopped working on the other 4 projects I have going at the same time I might make faster progress. But I have TB to blame for that! Their Yarn Stuff Sacks are so wonderful that it makes it too easy for me to make multiple projects portable.

    I have to say also that my SmartWool socks have held up for years of wear, and have not lost their elasticity or good looks, even without TLC. I machine wash and dry them (but hand wash and hang dry probably makes them last even longer, as flaneuse mentioned). They come in such wonderful colors and patterns now, and are so warm and comfortable. Add to that they are readily available and I can usually find them on sale. They are a great buy for us value-minded people with cold feet!
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    Thought I'd give this thread a bit of a bump. I noticed on the Patagonia website today that they have 3-packs of ultralight merino hiking socks for 20 bucks. 20 bucks! I'm not sure if this is something they'll do all the time or was for the holidays, but it seems like an amazing deal, considering a single pair normally runs $18. Note that these are ultralight, meaning there's no cushioning on the sole; the colors are also random (sort of like when you order an organizer pouch ...).

    I have a couple of pairs of Patagonia organic cotton socks, which at this point are the only cotton-blend socks I've bothered to keep. They're both around 6 years old and are holding up nicely. If I succumb to temptation and order a pack or two of the merino socks, I'll try to remember to return and let you all know if they're any good or not.

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    I'm a big fan of Anonymous Ism socks, they're made in Tokyo and have wonderfully offbeat patterns with top notch construction - I'm up to 8 pairs

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    I have been using Wigwam socks for a few years now, and they are great for cold weather. My son also uses this brand, he has sensitive skin, and has had no issue with the wool blends. There are many good models to browse through the website. We buy our socks at MEC here in Toronto. Check it out:

    Wigwam Socks Home - Performance Socks - Wigwam Mills
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