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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnMan View Post
    Some more questions now, focusing on using the iPad Mini for presentations...

    16: What kind of hardware accessories do you use to connect your iPad to an HDTV? How do you connect it to the TV? via HDMI port? By another means?
    The two major choices I have tried are the appleTV and the lightning digital AV adaptor strangely enough the appleTV has been the more reliable out of the two sometimes the AV adaptor would cease to work, usually after a software update or when presented with some form of copyrighted media. Recently it hasn't been playing nice with my Seagate Wireless Plus hard drive > iPad > TV combo

    For the appleTV its major downfall is that it thrives on being online and firmly hooked into your home network which poses a problem for the traveler. For most iPad screen sharing things it will be fine but as soon as you try playing something like an iTunes movie on it the AppleTV will try to authenticate your Apple ID and bring everything to a screeching halt.

    Since someone that wants to travel with an appleTV might be reading this: the problem with most hotels wifi and the Apple TV is the fact you need to login via a webpage which the Apple TV can't display. To circumvent this you will need you AppleTV's MAC address (on the box or from the apple tv's main menu: settings > about > wireless ID) and the phone number of the hotel's ISP (usually in the little welcome packet for the hotel or the front desk will tell you) give them a shout and ask them to put your Apple TV on the list of trusted MAC addresses and if you are really nice to them they might even remove any bandwidth caps or speed restrictions. (Hello unlimited netflix! )

    17: Does anyone here use a Google Chromecast to connect an iPad or other computers or devices to an HDTV? If so, what do you think of it?
    I am really interested in seeing what people think of this, specifically when paired with an iPad and/or Seagate Wireless Plus media drive. It looks promising, smaller,lighter and a third of the price of an Apple TV/about the same price as the AV connector. If it works well it might be on my list of gadgets to pick up

    18: What kind of hardware accessories do you use to connect your iPad to an overhead projector? What port(s_ on the projector do you connect to? How well does it work?
    Undoubtedly if you have the same luck as me the projector will have some proprietary port invented by NASA in 1982, who's protocol died alongside the laser disk, and requires drivers to be installed via 5 1/4" floppy disk. If you get lucky you might find some combination of DVI, VGA, RCA or component, if you get really lucky you might actually find one with HDMI and if you were really really good in a former life it might even transmit sound to a speaker or two powerful enough to fill the room!

    19: Does a Google Chromecast work on an overhead projector with a USB port? If so, how well does this arrangement work with an iPad? Other computers/devices?
    I wouldn't count on it, but miracles happen everyday!

    20: Does anyone here use Apple software (iPhoto, Keynote, etc.) on an iPad to make presentations before a group? If so, what do you think of this software? [NOTE: I use iPhoto 2011 for MacOS X; I currently have over 52,000 photos in my iPhoto library and counting... I was an early adopter of both digital photography and iPhoto; started shooting digital photos in 2001 and using the very first iPhoto when it came out. I would imagine if I wanted to present a slideshow from my iPhoto library, I would have to choose which photos/albums to transfer to a tablet device in advance in order to show people something.]
    You would probably want to take the photos you wanted to feature and insert them into a Keynote presentation, which would involve dragging and dropping on a Mac or inserting via camera roll on iPad. While the desktop and iOS Keynote apps talk to each other and can share projects I find it is best to start and finish the project on the machine you intend on presenting it on to avoid the inevitable formatting issues.

    If you had another iDevice you can use one to interface with the tv or projector and another as a remote for the presentation via the keynote remote app and now built right into the keynote app itself.

    21: What non-Apple software do you use on your iPad to give group presentations? What does this software do? What do you think of it?
    There are quite a few photo slideshow apps, I know pinnacle studio can do them but that might be a bit overkill for what you want.

    22: What if you are traveling light with just an iPad (Mini or full-size), and have no immediate access to a projector or TV? How do you show someone a presentation or photos easily and effectively?
    My guess would be in small groups gathered around the iPad on a stand, if your presentation involved sound it might be beneficial to bring a small speaker.


    23: If you were on-the-road with nothing but your iPad (no laptop along for the ride) and you wanted to check your e-mail or text messages or check the latest news or weather radar on the web, how easy is it to do this with an iPad? Do you just find a coffee shop or McDonald's with Wifi and ask for access? Is it as difficult, less, or more than checking the internet with a laptop?
    This is really where the iPad mini shines, if you don't have a cellular data enabled tablet it's just a matter of toggling on the wifi joining the network and entering the password of one is required. My mini isn't cellular enabled but it has no problem hooking up to my iPhone via Bluetooth hotspot.

    24: How concerned are you about your iPad being stolen, lost or damaged? How do you protect your investment? I would imagine a device that small would be pretty vulnerable to something unfortunate happening, deliberate or not...
    I am a bit more careless about my mini than I am about my full sized iPad because it cost a fraction of the price. I don't leave it on restaurant patio tables unattended or anything but I have no qualms about using it in a public place, then again being a somewhat athletic 6'2" and 200+lbs I'm not the most obvious mark for a quick snatch and run. Not saying it could never happen but most thieves look for easy opportunities, not the distinct possibility of being chased down and beaten with the bloody ends of their own severed limbs...

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    25: Does anyone here actually use their iPad to watch Hulu, YouTube or Netflix? If so, do you use a proprietary app from each of these services, or a general web-browser?

    26: Does anyone here use their iPad to create artwork? If so, what app do you use and what to you use it for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnMan View Post
    25: Does anyone here actually use their iPad to watch Hulu, YouTube or Netflix? If so, do you use a proprietary app from each of these services, or a general web-browser?
    Yes, I have apps for Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, and watch shows on my iPad mini.

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