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    Tachiyaku posted in another forum:

    It's a Kanex adapter. Apple TVs only have an HDMI port, and some projectors only have a VGA port, so the adapter is basically HDMI to VGA.
    Anyone have experience with Kanex? I'll have to check them out.
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    I'm lucky in that most of my presentations today are in walking or easy driving distance from my office. 10 years ago, I was a full-time corporate trainer and I ended up traveling across the US with a laptop, a then very-small 12x8 inch projector, and a 50lb Pelican case full of training materials (not to mention my clothes, hardhat, steel toe boots, and such). Those were also the days that a 128MB flashdrive was considered huge, so I usually burned copies of my presentations on a disc, and also brought hardcopies of everything.

    I wish I'd had the technology I have now back then.

    I've been doing presentations off my iPad for about 3 years now using Dropbox as the syncing tool. I haven't used iCloud for documents (just for syncing my iPhone/iPad/laptop contacts and calendars), but I like Dropbox a lot for document management, especially since it keeps a local copy on each computer giving you access when you're not connected. The only trouble is size since I just have the free account. I do keep a few presentations I use regularly on there, but most things get cycled on and off as they are completed.

    Prior to getting my Macbook Pro last year, I mostly developed my presentations in Powerpoint on a PC and then opened them with Keynote on the iPad. I found a lot of issues with formatting getting corrupted that way - especially with multiple column slide layouts - so since making the move to Mac I've been using Keynote on the MBP almost exclusively (I have Powerpoint too, but rarely ever use it). I'm still learning Keynote and I find it more limited in what it will do than Powerpoint, but since I tend to go with fairly basic presentations, that's not a huge issue for me. I try to use a minimal number of slides, as few words as possible and lots of pictures, and no animations.

    I also have the Keynote Remote app on my iPhone and often use it to control the iPad. I like the app, but its hit and miss with working properly. Per the instructions, both the iPhone and the iPad have to be connected to the same wifi network to for the app to function, but I've never been able to manage that through our campus network (which may be some security issue on our end rather than the app). So, I end up having to turn on my iPhone mobile hotspot, connect the iPad to that, and leave it running throughout the presentation - which makes the iPhone get quite hot and also drains the battery quickly. Since getting the MBP, I find myself just using that more for presentations now - I like the presenter screen Keynote pops up when you connect the MBP to a projector too with the next-slide preview and timer.

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