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    iPhone calendar widget?

    I usually view my calendar in List View in iCal to get a sense of my day when I have my phone with me. A colleague mentioned a calendar widget that displays on her Android screen and is scrollable on the screen, without additional clicks to get into the calendar. Is there an equivalent for the iPhone?

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    iOS does not support widgets in the sense that Android does, however, the iPhone notification center which is easily accessible in iOS7 can show you the upcoming events. All you have to do is flick down from the top of the screen and your notifications are viewable, even from the lock screen. You can see upcoming events under the "Today" tab. By the way, the best calendar program on any mobile platform, in my view, is Fantastical. It's well worth the few dollars it costs and if you live by you your schedule you will quickly come to depend on it.

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    I second Fantastical! Use it on my iPhone, iPad and Mac. Works with events and Reminders.

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