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    I love the cherry pie Lara bar, too. I agree with Timothy; it is exactly the way I want a cherry pie to taste.

    My hubby did not like it, but then he likes most everything sweeter than I do. (I enjoy eating red grapefruits like you would an orange.)

    So far, cherry pie is my absolute favorite. Coconut Cream Pie wasn't too bad, I think. I may try it one more time to remind myself. Apple Pie and Ginger Snap were, eh, okay, but I will try a new flavor before I buy them again (just personal taste buds). Too much spice, for me, I think.

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    I love Luna Bars especially vanilla macademia or the berry. I'm not much for sweets but those hit the spot in the morning when I don't care for a full breakfast. Usually I don't want to feel like I'm eating a pie or an overly sweet cinnamon roll or coffee as well.

    Most bars are really odd tasting for me being a vegan so I always try the flavour a few times before making an investment. Once I find a winner I stick with it!

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