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Thread: First Aid Kits

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    I read that over the counter medications, kept in a stable environment, away from moisture (not in bathrooms) can last a long time.

    It is evidently, not in the interest of pharmacists, to publish that.

    Nasty fungus are everywhere, this is why long pants, long travel dresses or a sarong and closed toes hotel slippers should be favored.

    Convertible pants or clothes (there was a link about a tube and other clothing, that could be worn many different ways.

    Airports, train. bus, tram stations and stops, malls/shopping centers, museums, libraries and hotels being public places are all prone to carry and transmit nasties.

    For people with allergies and sensitivities, a first aid kit is a must.

    Baby aspirin is also good.

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    First Aid Kits

    This occurs to me: I have taken 5 lengthy road trips this summer, have two more to go, and my dog has come with me on all but one of them. While I do bring a bag with his stuff, I am now considering a little FAK for him, containing baby aspirin (thanks for the reminder, backpack), Malaket, children's Benadryl, and eye drops. I'm mentioning these things specifically because of various past "incidents" that usually have something to do with him eating something he shouldn't or sticking his head into places it shouldn't go. I'll give this more thought, but it seems like a good idea and one I'll look into more closely, especially before I do my next road trip to Oregon.

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    @great idea @badger. We're going to Oregon coast in mid august and our yellow lab Ella does all these things despite her advanced age. You use baby aspirin for joint stiffness when your dog has exercised itself to falling down point?
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    On the pet first aid kit front, consider water bowl and water, unmedicated eye wash, Benadryl, and pain meds of some type--speak to your vet about the best thing there. Aspirin is often very appropriate, but may not be in your pet's case. Tylenol is a big NO for cats, and not a first choice for dogs. Also, a large strong towel to use as a sling under the dog's belly to help him/her walk if a larger breed dog (your jacket can work for this in a pinch), bandage materials depending on where you are headed (including a boot to cover an injured foot if you are hiking longer distances), and a few doses of any prescription meds he/she takes regularly, especially if insulin or heart meds. Remember if you have a hurt pet, that the kindest of them can bite if injured and scared, so beware for your hands, and consider a temporary wrap of the leash around your dog's muzzle before lifting if injured. (I am a veterinarian, so feel free to PM with any specific questions!)

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