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    Charlie's Soap

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff View Post
    I'm a big proponent of powdered Charlie's Soap as it is fragrance-free, brightener-free, softener-free, works well in front-loaders, seems to be reasonably gentle, and works well for hand washing. I now carry a small vial of it with me when I travel after spending several weeks to get that "fresh and clean" scent of whatever the wash-and-fold used on my laundry on one of my extended trips. It will take several washes to get the residue that your current detergent has been building up on your clothes and washer, but once you do, I think you'll find it a great "clean" without needing a fabric softener.

    I also am on the Ibex mailing list, which at least gives me a little heads up on when new item are reduced. There are big reductions at the end of the season, but they do have items throughout the year marked down as well. Hitting them early means you've got a better chance of a color you might like in your size.

    Edit -- Shoot, why did you have to tell me about the 20% off? Now I'm going to have to buy more things!
    @jeff and others, There's a discussion about Charlie's Soap in the middle of @dmilem's 2011 thread, A Family of Seven (plus one) Takes Tom to Boston. Towards the end of the first web page, the discussion veered towards smart wool and laundry, and @Lani gave a lengthy description and recommendation of Charlie's Soap. There may be a few more references to this product in a few travel laundry soap discussions. I think you can also do a. Google search to find a discussion of this product at Lani's travelite blog, since she recommends carrying a small amount of the powder in a small sealable plastic bag.

    Even before @Lani joined these forums there was a reference to Charlie's Soap and Lani's travelite blog in the Travel Laundry Soap thread from 2009.

    FWIW I found this product locally when I happened to see it while walking past a small store called "Baby Awearness".

    I guess that I'm now also on the Ibex mailing list, but I haven't bought any other items yet.

    HTH moriond
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    Quote Originally Posted by haraya View Post
    ETA for anyone on this thread - Ibex has 20% off starting today, and Icebreaker has 30% off (though quite a few things were starting to go out of stock. )
    I usually get my Icebreaker stuff from Sierra Trading Post. Most of it seems to hover around 30% off but then if you sign up for their emails you get coupons that entitle you to an additional (usually) 30-45% off. So it becomes almost reasonable! Right now I have my eye on a top that's $43, marked down from $100.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emily Shor View Post
    I usually get my Icebreaker stuff from Sierra Trading Post.
    Shhhh! *hides the Icebreaker* ;P

    Basically I shop for my winter clothes at the end of winter, and for my summer clothes at the end of summer. Then I wear everything the following year. (or the next time the weather changes) But really, merino wears well all year round, so it's all good.

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    FYI, if anyone is shopping the ICebreaker sale and can't find your size online, try calling a store. I had good luck today with a pair of shorts I wanted.

    Also, my Ibex tee arrived today! The W's Sol tee is very similar to my scoop-neck Tech-T, except that it is seamless at the sleeves. It fits much the same way, fitted, but not too snug. The Ibex tee is about 3 inches longer but I haven't washed it yet so I can't say whether it will lose some length. Otherwise, pretty comparable, so I'd go with whichever color/style/sale is preferable.

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