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    Tom Bihn golf bag? :) (or, why WOULDN'T you do carry-on if you're a pro traveler?)

    I jest, I jest... Actually I was reading this article about how golf pros have to live with the fear of losing their clubs on a regular basis, and was struck by how these frequent travelers don't carry on their clothes, at the very least. (I'm assuming they aren't allowed to buy a seat for their clubs? I know musicians do that for their instruments, but presumably golf clubs would be considered a potential weapon.) Surely at least some pro golfers have figured out one-bag travel for their tournament wardrobes?

    It just seems a rather inefficient way to travel, if one must do so for work. Wouldn't it be possible to invest in two sets of clubs, and always ship one ahead to the next tournament? Am I missing something? (I am not a golfer, so I don't know the ins and outs of the sport or its gear.)
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    I'm by no means a pro but I have taken 2 trips with my golf clubs.

    For the first, I checked them (used a buddies hard-sided golf bag case) via the airline and vowed never to do it again. Nothing bad happened other than the general inconvenience of waiting for checked baggage.

    The second trip I mailed them (UPS I believe) which was slightly more expensive at about $40 each way (I paid $25 each way to check them previously) but they were waiting at my hotel when we arrived. Hard to beat the convenience.

    I cannot imagine dealing with that on a weekly basis.

    On another note, pretty sure I'd be one of the first in line for a TB golf bag. Their organization system and the lightweight durability of Dyneema.. yes please!
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    Oh good, someone had an answer for my golf question! I can see why $80 would make the average traveler pause re: shipping them, but really, compared to $50 to take them on the plane, I'd rather not struggle with the over-sized luggage. I can't even imagine dealing with that every few days. At least the pros can deduct that as a business expense, hopefully?

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    I would think the caddy not the golfer deals with clubs etc. traveling. I'm surprised the tour vans don't take clubs for their athletes.
    Count me in for anything TB makes to feed my golf addiction.

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