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    People return lost wallets that contain baby pictures

    Want to keep your wallet? Carry a baby picture

    via Hivelogic.

    Back when we used to sell Trager bags, we received one as a return that had a envelope inside. We opened the envelope to discover it contained a married couple's love letters and pictures of their growing family throughout the years. By the time we discovered this, the bag had traveled through enough channels that it was difficult to find the person who had returned it, but we did and were able to return the envelope to them.
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    It's easy to focus on bad behavior and forget how decent most people are. My husband lost his wallet in San Francisco once--inside were his credit cards, resident alien card, money, the works. We were in the process of replacing what needed to be replaced when a padded envelope arrived containing the wallet and its contents. Sadly, no return address or other identifying information inside, so we had no way of thanking the Good Samaritan.

    Oh, for the record, no baby pix though...
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    Several years ago I left my PDA in Detroit Metro airport. I never expected to see it again, but some Good Samaritan tracked me down through my contacts list and sent it back to me - same story, no return info so I couldn't personally thank him/her but I believe "what goes around, comes around" and that they were blessed for their good deed!
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