hi folks,

i'm off to philadelphia for some work meetings. it's supposed to be a bit cold (not that it's much warmer at home), so i'm packing warm clothes.

this is an overnight trip, so i'll be packing a western flyer. i'll have a couple of layers of clothes, toiletries in a clear quarter packing cube (i'm driving, not flying, so i can pack my regular size toothpaste), my macbook in a horizontal brain cell, and various accessories, cables, and files in a horizontal freudian slip. i'll also take my leica d-lux 4, tom bihn wallet, keys, iphone, a pen and small rhodia pad in the side effect.

the western flyer is perfect choice for this trip because it allows me to carry just one bag for my clothes and work stuff. i'll get there mid-day, so i'll head straight to my meetings with my western flyer. everything that i need for work will be in one compartment of the western flyer.

when i get to the hotel in the evening, all of the clothes and toiletries will be in the other main compartment.

the next morning, i can pack up, check out, and head to the office again.

i'm not crazy about traveling for work, but being able to carry my stuff in a tom bihn bag makes travel for work a little more exciting!