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    Wink Using a Flip Camera...

    to document your travels in HD.

    And hey, it is relatively cheap today.
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    I just got a Panasonic ZS3 Superzoom after much deliberation.
    I chose this camera as it is 10 Megapixel and a Superzoom. It has a 12x Wide to Superzoom lense and can Zoom while shooting HD video.
    It will shoot at 720P at any length up to the full capacity of the SD card you have.
    I got a 32g class6 card and the video is pretty amazing so far.
    True it is a camera first and a Video Camera second but I am thrilled wwith the performance so far.
    It was under $300.00 and seems much more flexible than a Flash Based dedicated Video shooter like the flip.
    It also has stereo mic's built-in and they work just OK as long as I try to not make noise while shooting,harder than it sounds.

    I can mount it on a tripod or grip as in the article for better quality.

    Just another idea.


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