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    Which bag to use???

    So yesterday I booked my flight to spend the Christmas holidays with my parents and grandparents in Phoenix (the parents were already going--I decided to join last minute.) I'm in a bit of a conundrum on picking which of my daily bags to use as my personal item on the fight. I have a Super Ego, Cadet, and 13" Ristretto. If I take my Super Ego, I know that I'll be able to carry both my computer, my camera (in its super crappy insert) plus a bunch of other stuff if I so need so. The downsides I can see are, I'm guaranteed to have no leg room if I can managed to fit it under the seat infront of me. I also might have trouble passing it for a personal item? (If anyone has used theirs for flight travel as a personal carry on, please let me know.) The Cadet would match my lovely Cardinal Aeronaut (which I'm finally going to take the tags off of now.) Downside with that would be I wouldn't be able to carry my camera in the Cadet. (I'm thinking about packing my camera for the actual travel in one of the end sections of my Aeronaut inside of its super crappy insert.) My Ristretto would be the most minimalist option out of all of them with basically just carrying my computer.

    Too many options for me to decide. Opinions welcome!

    Black/Steel/Wasabi Super Ego, Cardinal/Steel 15"/13" Cadet, Cardinal/Steel Aeronaut, Olive/Cayenne 13" Ristretto, Camera Insert/Outsert, Horizontal Freudian Slip, 13" MBA Cache, Brain Cell for 13" Macbook, Steel Snake Charmer, FoT/FoJ pouch, Organizer Wallet, and more organizer pouches than I can shake a stick at.

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    My vote is for Cadet/Aeronaut with camera in end pocket and crappy insert. One, you can wear the Aeronaut as a backpack and carry the Cadet (the Ristretto would be less comfortable, perhaps), and two, Cardinal is festive.

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    I almost always fly with the SE as my personal bag and have had it stuffed beyond belief more often than not.

    This one is easy,SE!

    I have never wished I had less bag space but always wish I had more.


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    I love the Cadet/ Aeronaut option-- that's how I did my recent Vegas trip. I took my DSLR apart and put it in the main compartment, cushioned by my clothes and knitting. I had my computer, ipad, kindle, and all my various small objects in my Cadet. The Cadet easily fit under the seat back in front of me with plenty of foot room, despite Spirit Air's (worst airline in the US) attempts to make the flight as cramped and uncomfortable as possible.
    I love my Aeronaut, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Cadet 15 Brain Cell, Imago, Medium Cafe Bag (daily bag), Swift, Side Effect and accessories (snake charmer, packing cubes, stuff sacks, pouches, lights, keystraps, etc.) Eagerly awaiting trays and Canine Citizens! Picture to come soon.

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