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    Thanks NWhikergal! Those are pretty much the same reasons I picked the MGT footbed too--I envision using them for wading after the kids in water parks/fountains/streams/lakes and during the summer it tends to have sudden downpours here. I am reassured to hear that they are not causing any irritation for you and I can't wait to get mine in! I ordered the tech strap too

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    Whenever you are travelling abroad keep two pair of shoes along with you, one should be trendy and other for hiking and check the size thoroughly before keeping shoes with you either they are fit with socks so that you may not get fatigue during traveling. Black road boots are best for travelling purpose they are made of leather and help a lot if you are intended to do hiking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    In my experience, with VFF it really depends on the model you get. Frankly, the Classics work best for me because I have a very "tall" foot (read: obnoxiously high arches and raised dorsal). With the velcro models, I can't really close them that well, although I have a pair of Sprints that I like. The most expensive pair I own (the TrekSports) give me the pinky-toe slippage you mentioned. I have high hopes for the stupidly-named SeeYa, but I may just end up sticking with Classics.
    Replying to a comment from two years ago to say "Yes, that", and "There's now a choice of lace-up VFFs which I can get to behave nicely over my high arch and vamp".

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    For a casual minimalist shoe that emphasizes natural foot shape I can recommend the Lems Primal 2. They really do allow your toes to move around while avoiding the paddle shape shoe that soft star has. They also have a *slightly* more padded footbed. (I SO wanted to love soft star. I really like all the colors and customizations, not to mention the ethos, but on my feet they looked pretty homely.) I've also tried the Lems Mariner, but didn't care for it.

    I sometimes take the new Kigo Leon shoes which are also slightly paddle shaped and have a very thin footbed. (I have their drive shoes too but they aren't foot shaped.) They are OK, but I still think the Lems Primal 2 were a better purchase. Just wish they had more everyday styles that don't look like sneakers for women. I don't wear the MaryJane style shoes, so I can't comment on those.

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