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    surprised by lines at checkin and baggage fees

    hi folks,

    my cousin was here from India and we took her to the airport when she was going back yesterday. she had checked one suitcase and carried on another on her way here.

    i was surprised that she was able to carry on the smaller of the two, as it looked pretty big.

    anyhow, when we got to the airport, the line for checking in at the air France/klm counter wrapped around the wazoo!

    we later learned that we were directed to the wrong line - there was another, somewhat shorter, line for those who had checked in online and just had bags to drop.

    when we got to the counter, we asked about checking the second bag, and were surprised that there was a $100 fee (this is IAD - DEL). she decided to carry on that second bag, but I'm curious whether the gate agent let her carry it on.

    I remember when the northwest/klm agent wanted to check my aeronaut as I was boarding.

    I told her about the aeronaut and the virtues of traveling without checking bags. let's see - perhaps next time...

    surprised by lines at checkin and baggage fees-imageuploadedbytapatalk1346085163-954702-jpg

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    All I am saying is: good luck running after a plane via the gate at the opposite side of the airport while the landing plane is late, the departing one is early and there is a huge line at immigration because some people insist on bringing back forbidden items like their village version of dried or cured meat, which is clearly forbidden.

    The rolling humongous suitcases are not balanced enought to sustain running. They are also clearly too heavy to carry.

    So, they need to be checked. And, most likely than not, will end up in Scottsboro, Alabama, the lost luggage center, conveniently located next to Atlanta, the biggest southern hub.

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    Oooh, $100, that must hurt. Here's to hoping to convert your cousin!

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