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    Quote Originally Posted by ceb View Post
    I loved the book and the game - I hated the movie.
    I was too young when the BBC radio series came out in '78, but was hooked on the TV adaptation in '81. I sat down to watch it again on Netflix a couple of years ago, and it brought back memories of the cheap and cheerful production values TV had when I was growing up.

    Having owned the "trilogy in five parts" in paperback for years, HHGTTG was the first book I bought for my Kindle, and it still has pride of place there.

    The movie was, well, overproduced.
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    The text based game was stellar. It started with a blank screen and you went from there. You really had to know the book to play the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bchaplin View Post
    Seems perfectly fair as long as each customer gets a space proportional with what they're paying. Why should a huge person pay double fare and still get squeezed into a tiny seat?

    ha, ha. Actually, according to NBC, Samoa Airlines has 9-seater and 3-seater planes, so this doesn't seem like such a big deal. Small planes like that have to balance the weight of passengers anyway. They say that larger people will be given the 'entire row' if needed for comfort.

    Those small planes have to conform to strict weight and balance requirements for safety reason.

    Samoa Airlines should order more planes and set up more flights, as it is usually the easiest mode of transportation to go from one island to another.

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    Here's a pretty good article on the Samoa Air policy and why it isn't likely to become the norm:
    Airfares by the pound? Why this is, and isn't, a useful idea. - Ask the Pilot -

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    I just wanted to thank the TB Forum community. My "super smart" homeschooled son is "finished" with his school work for the year. He is planning to go to the public school in the fall- so working ahead does not hold the interest it once did....

    So I was looking for something for him to do til June.

    We are now reading HHGTTG together. I was older than 11 when I read it, but I think he can handle it.

    When I said that the TB folks "all read the book and loved it" (white lies don't count, right?)-he was interested- he respects your collective opinions--because you obviously have such great taste in bags, it must translate.

    So 5 books- should get us well into May...

    Thank you all!


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