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    2 weeks with Dyneema Aeronaute, Tristar, Synapse 19, SCB

    In Europe with layovers in NYC during a cold then sunny spell. Snow and sun showed themselves in most locations!

    This is my reviews of the bags almost right on arrival.

    Travel was done by plane and car.

    The first challenge was to find the most suitable bags and the second how to pack within the weight limit and not look like a rumpled disaster most of the trip.

    My choice was the Aeronaute because I am plus size and so are my clothes. I also wanted to have ample room to lay my garments flat so I would not have to iron and extra space for found in Europe only things.

    Tops in the Packing Cube Backpack for the Tristar

    3 long sleeves tees (one worn)
    2 long sleeves shirts (one worn)
    1 cardigan

    Pants in the Packing Cube Backpack for Aeronaut

    2 travel easy fabric pants
    2 yoga pants
    1 heavy winter easy fabric pant (worn on really cold days)

    Foundation and sleeping garments in Packing Cube Shoulder bag on one end pocket and Large Travel Stuff Sack in the other.

    I choose the Tristar for my husband.

    2 shirts in a garment envelope
    3 pants including two jeans in garment envelope, other worn.
    4 Tees in the Packing Cube Backpack for Aeronaut and an extra worn.

    Fleece, hoodies and waterproof warm shells were worn.

    The Packing Cubes packed and slid in place effortlessly.

    The Travel Stuff Sacks, as I said before, gave me a run for my money when I just bought them because of their color, fully expecting they would be distributed in my Swifts to play fancy Yarn Stuff Sack but...
    Once again, the Crew was amazing, unlike the Clear Bottom Yarn Stuff Sack I used as a pretend Travel Stuff Sack, they found their place in each bag nook and crannies like they belonged there, again, I have to use the word effortlessly.

    Who would have thoughts that oval and round made a difference, well, it does!

    The Aeronaute and Tristar were a pleasure to hold in every direction and it felt very empowering to stow my own luggage in the compartment. (This is one time I wished I was taller)

    Who decided where the pockets should be? He is a genius, they are perfectly situated, the fact that the Aeronaute side pockets are different remind a frazzled traveller that the side which contains fragile stuff is up and the one which holds fabric is down.

    The Tristar, triumwira of winning pockets fits each thing at exactly the right place, they are so intuitive that, at each repacking, I could devise another way to put stuff in.
    It made packing on a schedule fun.

    The Travel Dyneema fabric allows both Aeronaute and Tristar to squeeze in between the wheeled monster and in car trunks with ease.

    Note that I used to take 3 to 4 times as much for U.S vacations of the same length and a full Brain Bag for even the shortest of travel.
    I amazed myself.

    While the weight restriction, kept the loot of the main carry ons, tight.

    You would think that I could go all out with the hand luggage... No, they were weighted as well.

    The Synapse 19 and 25 work perfectly as laptop bags, especially with lightweight computing devices.
    It was the main carry for my iPad Mini in its hardshell keyboard case.

    Besides papers in a Large Pouch and a Clear Quarter Packing Cube (I need to pause to note that this is an Amazing! accessory which I have not been able to be without since the day I got it.)
    I got one not long after they were introduced in Steel, so I have it for quite a while.

    The Clear Quarter Packing Cube is more Tardis than any of my Tom Bihn's creations, I have been able to stretch its capacity to a ginormous square which eats up the space of an LCB, Swift and Synapse 19 main compartment, yet, it can be flattened to almost nothing.

    The clear sides are so handy to check if everything is there.

    If the Lovely Crew makes one in... hem... Nordic, it will really be a Tardis!

    Now... besides the "Tardis" Clear Quarter Packing Cube and the iPad Mini in the front pocket, the Synape 19 held:

    Side Pocket 1: Stylus in Pen Pouch, Guardian DF Light Original Base and Tri-Power Safety Whistle clipped together.

    Small pocket: hair accessories

    Water bottle pocket: medicine

    Side pocket 2: pens in slot, a small hair brush in a small plastic bag.

    Lower pocket: mostly free to catch overflow of LCB or any other bag. (mighty handy too)

    LCB was the main carry on little town outings, family hasn't received the memo that backpack are really mainstream in the 21st century.

    Well, I streamlined under the intransigence of Gallic protocol and the LCB got all the compliments!
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