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    I use a Graft case and really like it. It provides protection but is not too bulky like the Otter cases.

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    I carry it on my belt in a RipOffs case and no one even knows what it is really.

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    After the iPhone 3 the Otter have really gone downhill to me and they no longer protect the phone at all from dust and stuff getting inside the case,I am just tired of that.

    The Lifeproof are interesting but I didn't like the screen cover and the case just feels cheap to me overall.

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    I also love the Sena Ultra Slim. It affords some protection, has a great feel, and keeps the iPhone free of dust and crud. I carry my iPhone in my pocket and am pretty careful, so rarely drop it. When I have, the Ultra Slim prevented any scratches. I use an OtterBox for my work iPhone (had no choice) and hate it. What a dust magnet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by capncat View Post
    I have had the incipio dual pro since I got my phone in November and have been very impressed. Relatively slim profile, easy to grip, and my phone has survived multiple spills on tile, asphalt and concrete (I'm clumsy :s) completely unscathed. They're running about $10-15 on amazon depending on your color preference
    I'm a big fan of Incipio's iPhone cases, but lately I've had a problem and am wondering if anyone has suggestions. The Dual Pro is a great case for the reasons capncat outlined, but the case blocks full access to the line-out port, making it impossible for me to plug in my headphones. I'm using Shure SE215s, and the male plug is a bit thick. I've tried using a plug extender thing, but it really causes a lot of sound distortion. Right now, I'm rocking a J. Crew leather case, but it won't do squat if I drop my phone on the ground. Does anyone have a sturdy case that allows good access to the headphone jack? NB: not interested in OtterBox, thanks.

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    Just picked up a Speck for my 5.
    Really like it so far. Minimal form factor increase over a "naked" 5. Rubber inside, hard shell exterior. Good button manipulation. And a slightly raised ridge on the front to allow "screen down" placement without the screen contacting the surface.
    My only suggestion for improving it is have some rubber patches on the sides for better grip.

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    I use Zagg Invisible Shield protectors for the front & back panels of my iPhone 5. For the perimeter, I found a fantastic aluminum bumper from a company called "Think By M" (designed by m |). No scratches on any major surface, the bottom panel is reasonably completly open so just about any Apple or after-market Lightning adapter will fit (this is a MAJOR problem for many cases with small lightning openings as for most of them, only the original Apple Lightning cables will fit... even an Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter has a bigger diameter than the "native" cable), and the asthetic of the phone is completely preserved. There is a thin rubber liner around the inside of the bumper that gives a bit of shock absorption. This will NOT make your phone waterproof, and it will probably NOT save it from a full-on drop to concrete. But it WILL keep it safe in daily use, and the hyper-thin/light iPhone 5 does NOT become a Galaxy S-whatever.
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