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    mTrip Travel Guide apps for iPhone free today (Aug. 29, 2013) & later this week

    Hi All,

    In 2011 as a follow-on to jeffmac's Italia! thread I posted links to the mTrip iOS guides when they went free (since they included Rome and Venice), and again in December 2012 I posted a separate thread under Travel tips when these were offered. These were among the best travel planning apps that I've found (regardless of the free price), and can be used offline. I'll list the 10 mTrip travel apps that are currently free in the U.S. App Store, along with the ones that I think will be free tomorrow (but that are already free in Japan), in hopes that other forum members with iOS devices can use these. I have not found a blog announcement about this at either the mTrip site or at TUAW (which is where the release schedule announced last time).

    The ones that I suspect will not be free tomorrow (in the U.S. Store) are: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Moscow, Rome, São Paulo, and Tokyo. Here are the mTrip apps that are currently free in Japan's App Store (that are not currently free in the U.S.) That might be a way to guess the mTrip apps that are free in the U.S. App Store tomorrow (August 29, 2013):

    Enjoy. Anyone who wants to link this post to their blogs (e.g. Lani and jeffmac) are welcome to do so.



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    Much appreciated!

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    Thanks! I just downloaded Venice and Florence, which I'm going to in 2 months!

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    I downloaded all the free ones!

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    Thanks! I don't know how to Like but I do! Thanks for posting!

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