So I forgot to take pictures of my bags. I'll remember next time. I, of course, waited until the last minute to pack, and took a lot more than I needed. On the journey out, I decided to take my Smart Alec instead of my Imago, because I needed a jacket for evening, and decided to take my leather one, and pack it instead of carrying it. It was 77 degrees when I left, and I wanted nothing to do with outerwear. On the return trip, I realized that I was able to cram it into my WF, and that's what I did - so my SA had my purse (a Large Cafe Bag), and my 3-1-1 kit, plus a pashmina that I purchased because we got caught after dusk (before going back to pick up my jacket), and I was chilly.

Anyways, this is what I took:

In WF:


In two small WF packing cubes:

Three short sleeved day shirts
Two short sleeved night shirts
Two long sleeved shirts (DIDN'T NEED OMG SO WARM FOR OCTOBER)
Two camisoles, one extra bra, three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear
One t-shirt, and flannel jammy pants for sleeping
Under packing cubes:
One pair of snazzy black pants


My make-up, in a Medium pouch
Small purse, for night; inside the purse was my "first aid kit", which had advil, alleve, claritin, benedryl, band aids, blister cushions.
One pair of flat shoes in a bag
MY LEATHER JACKET in an eagle creek specter cube
In front water bottle pocket:
Brush, comb, teasing comb
In small front zip section:
One mini REI towel and one Small REI towel
Large zip section: empty

My Smart Alec held my LCB, iPad, and 3-1-1 kit, along with my chargers in a small organizer pouch. So basically, I could have gone with my Imago! LOL
The bad news is that I really overpacked because I waited until the last minute. The good news is that I pretty much packed what I would take for a week to 10 day trip, so I know that the WF will work!