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    12 days in mexico with my tristar

    This is what I plan to take with me to Mexico in November. It is a casual trip but I still like having options. This list is similar to what I did last year but I realized that I overpacked. This is in addition to what i will wear on the plane which is likely to be a yoga pants and a long sleeve zip up type hoodie

    Shorts: 4 pairs
    T shirt: 4
    Tank Tops: 5
    Pants: one linen pair (for nicer meals out)
    Shirts: 2 (to pair with linen pants or nice shorts)
    Bathing Suits: 2
    Shoes: flip flops
    Underwear: 5 pair
    Socks: 4 pair

    Toiletries (in my clear tom bihn bag)
    travel size sunscreen ( buy bigger when I arrive, just so I have some to start with)
    travel size tooth paste x2
    Dental Floss
    travel size shave cream and after shave moisturizer by e-shave
    Alergy pills
    travel size deodrant
    tide to go pen
    a few packages of woolite just in case

    anything else I need I can buy there

    Macbook Air (put it in the center of the tristar)
    Iphone and charger
    two pens
    small travel book with paper
    foldable bag that I can check on the way home if I buy too much (I often buy lots of items at one particular store but I have them shipped home as they are bulky, glass and metal pieces)
    Bag that I can bring to the beach

    Personal Item: my camera bag

    sometimes I think I might be able to pack a bit lighter.

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    Where in Mexico are you going? Will you have access to laundry?
    The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.

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