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    I do wish I could have a uv or steel/uv SE. Haven't seen that color yet though.
    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taminca View Post
    I had the Aubergine/Wasabi SE on my Wish List and placed an order as soon as it was in stock again. It should arrive today...shall I post photos for you, Yoda Sloth? (Hey, I want Bihn Enabler points, too!)
    Yes!! Do post photos!! I just noticed it was off back order...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda Sloth View Post
    Yes!! Do post photos!! I just noticed it was off back order...
    Hey Yoda Sloth, you found my photos of the Aubergine SE in the "Third Time's a Charm with Nordic" post. Just added more photos in a new post "Something's Different on the Side Effect" in the "Thoughts on Tom Bihn Bags" section of the Forum.
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