Hi all,

For anyone who's been following the saga of my trip to Pakistan, I have good news- it's on! I have my visa, bought my tickets today, and I think all my arrangements will be taken care from when I arrive in Multan (the conference in in Bahawalpur) to when I leave Multan.

The challenge/opportunity1 is that I have nearly 48 hours in Dubai on the way back. (I wanted a day to explore, but tickets were significantly cheaper the next day, so two days it is.)

I was hoping the good folks of this forum, many of whom are intrepid explorers, might have some recommendations of places to stay2, things to see/do, places to eat, how to get around, etc. I am especially excited about non-obvious opportunities.

I am scheduled3 to arrive at 11:20pm on Saturday, 3/15, and my flight departs at 10:05pm on Monday, 3/17.

Thanks in advance!

1Challentunity? Did I spell that correctly?
2While the Burj Arab looks lovely, I'd prefer something in the $100 +/- 50 per night range. I could probably push that a bit for a good reason, but not to $1000ish...
3I am flying Pakistan International Airlines on that segment, and their on-time record is, apparently, less-than-stellar, so the word "scheduled" should not be taken too literally.